Mike Tyson visited the Polish countryside. What brought him there?


One of the most famous heavyweight boxers visited Poland. However, people did not meet him under the spotlight at some prestigious gala in the center of a big city. As the website Notes From Poland writes, Mike Tyson made an inconspicuous appearance in an unremarkable village.

A visit from a boxing legend

The legend of world boxing in an embrace with a typical rural charm, which we can also recognize from our surroundings, is something that will definitely attract attention. It is interesting that the photo was taken in a seemingly insignificant village Piestnica, which has 1800 inhabitants. Why did Mike Tyson travel there?

The clue is right on the photo. We see in the background equipment for breeding pigeons, which is why the legendary fighter made the long journey from his home in Las Vegas. He is a former boxer a passionate pigeon breeder and bought 100 birds from his Polish business partner. It’s nice to see that a common hobby can bring people from such distant worlds together!

There were already pigeons before Tyson arrived vaccinated at your local vet to meet US standards. In the past, the media reported that Tyson owns at least 350 pigeons and participates in competitions with them.

Pigeon powerhouse

In the end, it is not even surprising that Tyson visited our northern neighbors. Poland has the highest number of pigeon breeders in Europe and is so regarded as pigeon breeding power. If a person knows what he is doing, he can earn a decent amount of money – a really high-quality pigeon will sell for a lot over 1000 euros.

Professional media

Organized breeding and breeding of pigeons has a tradition of more than a century in Poland. The first associations were already established at the end of the 19th century, in the southern parts of the landscape, which were then part of Austria-Hungary. They bred during this period many recognized Polish breedswhich are today considered to be part of the national heritage.

A lifelong passion

True fans of Mike Tyson know how important pigeons are to him. In his own words, they were for him only friends in times when as “fat and ugly” the boy grew up in a dangerous part of New York.

According to the Marca website, the pigeons were at the epicenter several important events in Tyson’s life.

Pigeons are actually the reason why Tyson as a child for the first time in his life he really killed. A physical confrontation ensued after how one of the bigger kids killed one of little Mike’s pigeons with his bare hands.

Later, the boxer broke up with his girlfriend due to a different view of pigeons. This woman could not understand Tyson’s fondness for birds that she considered it food. Then what she cooked one of his pigeonsTyson said to himself, this is definitely not going to work…

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