The behavior of the tiktoker towards the child shocked the Czech Republic, the matter can be reported


The recording of a live broadcast on TikTok literally shook the Czech Internet, where a mother appearing under the nickname “Stefi Taitlová” verbally attacks and insults her young son. Some observers suspect that the child is abused not only mentally, but also physically. Lawyer Eva Ondřejová explained to Prima Ženy how people can behave in such a situation and where suspicions of violence against children can be reported.

“Then go raise it! Go raise such a goddamn child! Because I devote myself to him all day and he just has to make me the worst mom in the world here. Thank you very much Samuelka, now I have to explain to people why you are showing off… thank you very much! Now you’ve shown people here that you really are a disabled child!” With these words, a roughly two-minute clip from TikTok begins, which is spreading on the Czech Internet and arouses great emotions.

It comes from a live broadcast by a Tiktoker going by the name Stefi Taitlová. She is definitely not one of the widely followed or well-known influencers, not even 350 users follow her on this social network. But now she has become extremely famous for a reason that probably no one would want to brag about. This is due to her live broadcast, in which, according to many, she behaves unapologetically towards her young son. He verbally attacks and insults him. At the end of the video, he may even punish physically.

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“What am I doing?! That I devoted myself to you all day?! That I’m buying you shit here?” Stefi continues on the recording as her son cries non-stop. The Tiktoker then started vulgarly at several viewers, who called her a “terrible mother” in the comments, while she repeatedly called her son “retarded”.

This scene alone has lifted the spirits of many a parent. However, at the end of the video, there is a cut to the later part of the live broadcast, where Stefi angrily leaves to follow her son into the other room, from where panicked, hysterical screams and blows begin to be heard, which the vast majority of viewers unanimously consider to be “a beating”. After watching the video, mothers in particular feel like not leaving the matter alone. But what can they actually do?

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We asked lawyer Eva Ondřejová for advice on how to proceed if we notice possible physical violence on an internet video. “If someone physically attacks someone on video, even in retrospect, it is always judged what happened in reality. And the fact that someone caught it on camera is de facto proof,” Dr. Ondřejová confirms the opinion that an Internet broadcast or video from the recording can be classified as a “real situation” without any problems.

Another question is whether viewers who see such a situation (either live or from a recording) have a reporting obligation and should contact the relevant institution. In the case of suspicion of some form of violence against a child specifically, rather than the police, the Social and Legal Protection Authority for Children (OSPOD). “The obligation to report arises depending on the type of crime that happened there. But if someone does it in this case and sends it to OSPOD, for example, it’s definitely the right way,” adds lawyer Ondřejová.

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Which, after all, has probably already happened, judging by the comments left on the shocking video by users on Facebook, where blogger Valerie Tkadlčíková shared it in disgust. “I remind you that MOST of Czech society TOLERATES VIOLENCE against children – whether physical or psychological – and they find it perfectly okay to raise them in a way such as beatings, slaps, swearing, mocking, abuse,” Tkadlčíková wrote on the TikTok recording, which apparently greatly outraged.

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