The comfortable house is perfectly adapted to the life and age of its owners


Ground-floor family house with a 5+kk layout and an L-shaped floor plan opens to the garden from the inside through large sliding windows across the entire width of the rooms. The large glazed surfaces lining this space thus ensure unique views into the garden and an above-standard supply of daylight.

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One-story house with a usable area of ​​280 m2 it is already a home for the owners, where they want to live permanently and find peace for reading, meditation and relaxation. The interior design follows the clean and minimalist architectural design of the house and at the same time reflects the lifestyle and demands of its owners.

The hand of the master

The owners lived in Prague for many years, where they were comfortable with the hustle and bustle of the big city. After the children left, they wanted to spend the rest of their lives near Prague, but at the same time in peace and nature. They managed to get a very beautiful house that met their strict criteria for housing.

They were enchanted above all by the beauty of Berounska’s nature and also by the house with large glazed areas to the garden. As soon as they took over the house, they immediately felt that the interior deserved the hand of a master.

Discreetly chosen colors in the living room make the ubiquitous works of art stand out.

For many years, they collaborated with Jitka Kobzová from Ambience Design, with whom, as the owner says, “they always looked in the same direction from the beginning”, so they invited her to the project this time as well.

The task was to design a practical, timeless and unassumingly luxurious interior, with elegant and high-quality custom-made furniture. Everything was to be completed with original works of art and small furnishings.

For peace and comfort

The central space of the house is a living room with a kitchen. The element of wood is represented here by a solid oak dining table top supported by a subtle forged base. The space is dominated by a fireplace with a luxurious comfortable sofa.

A great hobby of the owners is reading, which is why you will find a library in almost every room. But even this is not enough for an extensive collection of books, so an entire room right next to the living room is dedicated to books, as well as collections of luxury pens and watches, which must be the dream of every book lover.

For comfortable reading, the owners treated themselves to a design icon in the form of the Lounge Chair by Charles & Ray Eames.

Comfort for reading is provided by a design icon proven over the years, the legendary Lounge Chair by Charles & Ray Eames. For the chair, the designer chose the Propeller central lamp/fan from the company Serien, which provides not only high-quality lighting, but also the possibility of regulating the air temperature in the room.

A place for rest and relaxation is offered by the bedroom, which is dominated by a comfortable Hästens bed. The bed is made of natural materials, and its craftsmanship pampers overnight guests with its perfection every night. The cozy atmosphere of the reading corner in the bedroom, again with books at hand, is completed by a Persian tapestry, which has been handed down in the family from generation to generation.

Custom-made built-in furniture is mainly used as storage space.

Simple geometric lines of the designed equipment, plenty of light, balanced neutral color matching together with works of art by Czech and foreign artists (paintings – Radek Šmach, sculptures – Christine Habermann von Hoch, photography – Martin Stranka, Stone Kim) create a harmonious and timeless space in every detail .

Almost all furniture is designed and made to order. The key here was the excellent cooperation with the “court” carpenter, which was reflected in the high quality of execution and carefully worked out details.

About the author

Jitka Kobzová founded the company Home Staging and then Ambience Design. In a team of five, they create elegant and imaginative interiors, the common denominator of which is quality work. An open approach to clients and respect for their needs is important to them. They deal with residential and commercial interiors here and abroad.

In the bedroom, the Hästens brand bed is enthroned, which is characterized by high quality craftsmanship and pampers the owner with comfortable mattresses made of natural materials.

Technical details

Bearing and perimeter masonry: sand-lime bricks using the KM Beta system – thickness 240 mm

Insulation of the perimeter walls: EPS and XPS polystyrene

Facade: thin-layer silicone facade plaster WEBER.PAS AQUA BALANCE shade SU100 (white) and SU3E (grey)

Author of the project: architectural studio Master-design

Other interesting visits can be found in Bydléní magazine.

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