Actress Tajana Medveck celebrated her 70th birthday


There was an old bag on the butt. Zal, maybe a little denied, still irresistible. And when his lid was opened, the room was filled with an unrepeatable sound. I still remember the moment when she saw the box open for me and the daughter of my ballet teacher started pouring me, Tajana Medveck recalled.

I really still remember that bag of old people. There were various dyes, each with a specific smell, such as cocoa butter. I wasn’t even six years old and I let myself be painted so that I didn’t even recognize myself, she said.

He was enchanted by the fact that his mother never poured water. By the mirror, she only had lipstick and ace cages. That magic box with people simply fascinated me, awakened in me a desire for acting and theater and influenced my whole life, the actress has not become old.

Like a sprayed dog

She was born on November 10, 1953 in Prague, but both her parents were Slovaks. My father spoke both Hungarian and German, and he also studied English, so I have been close to languages ​​since childhood. I enjoyed making out the sounds and intonations so far from my mother’s, the lila actress.

Her chestnut name often aroused curiosity. Dad claimed that he was his mother’s, but later I found his death note and Tatiana was there. Actually, I don’t know where I drank to do that, I shrugged.

In the year she took up ballet, only when she didn’t fall asleep at rehearsals and snitched on people, she decided to try acting. She thus used her honeyed and cultivated voice during recitation. As a daughter of Lyra Pragensis, I was invited to a party in Podbrad. I stood next to Karel Hger, who then introduced me and spoke to me. That was not forgotten, she burst into tears. At the time, she didn’t even think that in a few years she would become his colleague.

Her family did not have a pension to spare. That’s why she spent as much time as possible at the gymnasium. Thanks to her knowledge of the language, she managed to get to Prague Castle, but that’s how she sold Veern Prague, picking strawberries and plucking edquids. She married a little hop, but she really couldn’t stand this job. They were the longest weeks of my life, she declared.

In her second year of high school, she got to DAMU and during her studies she was a guest at the National Theatre, where she joined permanently after graduating in 1975. To this day, she has studied about 120 roles on stage for the first time. That’s why he has a career. I’m old, so I realize what an unreal father and a huge privilege it was, she hasn’t aged.

He remembers the first meeting like today: You can’t forget that. It was a dramatization of the novel Vojna, and as soon as I first entered, I stood on the stage with the whole famous guard with Karl Hger, Rudolf Hrunsk, Luke Munzar, Jana Hlavová, Mrs. Pek and Rek. On the other hand, the hunter wanted to prove that he could be there with them.

But the arrests were enough crowns: I’ve always been a prisoner. Before the important premiere, mm always had absolutely icy hands. Entering the scene allows it, but first it’s always dangerous. The actress didn’t even add her mother’s song: She was very drunk for a while. The two in the theater were always shouting: Jeimarj, old Medveck is coming. She will be like a sloppy dog ​​again.

I don’t wear clothes

His first film was a great drama by Otakar Vvra called Osvobozen Prahy (1975). And she immediately hit rock bottom. Together with Naa Konvalinková, they represented two great women fleeing Terezno. Reisr predicted that one would fly half-dead on the wagon, the other would weave. Clever Konvalinkov was sure that she would fly, so she had to hide her. It turned out disastrously, Medveck said.

U as dt did not bear bh. I have overcome eight hundred meters maybe only once in my life. And I think that I even collapsed then, and I didn’t want to let go of the owl. I went a bit too long on the mole track, a thorn from the ballet helped me there, a lilac.


On the day of the Liberation of Prague, she had to sprint like life in the exams. When she picked up the blade, she felt her muscles vibrate. Finally, she tore her thigh muscle while jumping across a stream.

At DAMU, she met her future husband, screenwriter Jiho Dufek. She has two daughters with him, Kateina and Kristina, who, especially in their teenage years, only laughed at his approval and popularity. My children were obedient, but both of them flashed something. Teba Kateina was like a child in a lie after that operation on the appendix. After she returned, she scolded me: “That was terrible, all the girls were friends with me, only once it was revealed who my mom was, and since then I haven’t had a single friend there,” explained Medveck.

The famous mother was denied by her young daughter. She preferred to write your essay at FAMU under a different name. Medveck wants them. Just think how many times I had a premiere before Christmas. The other mothers were preparing Advent wreaths and baking sugar, she had her head in a bag from the premiere. My girls put them through their paces, they were afraid I wouldn’t spoil anything. And then I thought to myself: God, what have I done to my child.

Although he is now celebrating his 70th birthday, he is still a foreigner, he is well-mannered, and he has the energy to expand. He plays, dances, travels and takes care of his two daughters-in-law. The certainty, vigor and determination with which the children were to conquer the world is disarming. Like any grandmother, I am full of joy, she reveled.

He tries not to think about his age: It was quite high for me. Sometimes I even think that it must be some mistake or something, because I consider myself twenty years younger. And what will happen to it? Her mother and grandmother both reached the venerable age of 95.

Don’t know what to do

  • As Ji Schmitzer’s partner in the comedy Marek, hand me a pen! (1976) fell in love with Marta Vanurová.
  • He gave me a signal, but refused to sit behind the wheel.
  • In 1997, she received the Frantik Filipovskho dubbing Award.
  • She is a two-time winner of the Thlie Theater Awards (2000, 2002).
  • Rda is pemising a fast chz.
  • In 2010, she was supposed to represent StarDance, but before the first performance, she had to be replaced by Anet Langerov due to an injured knee.
  • In 2011, she won the Eskho Lion for the film Dm.

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