Panelky, nckov and eken for a happy ending. What can I say about Germany?

Panelky, nckov and eken for a happy ending. What can I say about Germany?
Panelky, nckov and eken for a happy ending. What can I say about Germany?

OFit started with a dream of building a model socialist city. Eastern and less rich Germany, firmly anchored in the Soviet bloc, suffered from a severe fuel shortage. They were especially lacking in Berlin, known as the second world wolf. Led by the Communist Party, Keen swayed through the 1970s. It took some time to fill up, the first excavators went into the ground in April 1977. Eight months later, new Germans moved into houses on the eastern edge of the metropolis.

For dIn just 11 years at the time, the separate districts of Marzahn and Hellersdorf cost 60,000 apartments, tens of kilometers of main traffic arteries and 110 kilometers of residential streets, a new U-Bahn, several bicycle facilities, a cinema, a swimming pool, a cultural center, and even a church. The panels reverently went around the historic centers of the villages and sunk their cellars into the floor, which until recently was used to absorb sewage from the Berlin sewers. It didn’t smell very good on the local fields, but the herbs and vegetables did great here. The time of construction was shared with the local amen. Denk Tagesspiegel speaks of it as the largest in Europe. There are 190,000 people in the panels there. For comparison – the largest town in the former Slovakia, Petralka in Bratislava, has approximately 110,000 inhabitants, while Jin Msto has 80,000.

Panelkov apartments sminikitchens, umakart cores, cheap to build and due to the lack of building materials – let alone tiles, wallpaper or glass – they earned a lot of ridicule when they were new. For the playwright Heiner Müller, it was just “pointing to” social media, for the sun critics the soulless nightclub, where the walls were too thin to hear every word. Their new Germans were nothing. They didn’t mind that he was on a construction site and had to wade through mud to get to work. Just put on your panties. Compared to the musty apartments in Prenzlauer Berg, where coal was used for heating and only cold water flowed from the tap, this was a luxury.

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  • Why did they have to deal with the feelings of failure?
  • The neo-Nazi dream of communication has not disappeared. How did she change her TV?
  • How does the place try to connect people and change it so that it is not just a uniform “concrete bond”?
  • And will the ride grow?

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