Prices of advent calendars 2023. How much will pre-Christmas snacking cost you?

Prices of advent calendars 2023. How much will pre-Christmas snacking cost you?
Prices of advent calendars 2023. How much will pre-Christmas snacking cost you?

Christmas is fast approaching. One of the popular Christmas traditions is the purchase of an advent calendar, the windows of which can hide chocolate candies, teas, but also small toys, cosmetics or alcohol. This article will tell you how much the selected advent calendars cost, which is the most expensive, which is the cheapest, and how the prices differ from last year.

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The history of advent calendars

Both children and adults look forward to the advent calendar before Christmas. But did you know that this one the tradition dates back to 1851, when was the very first advent calendar created? The then version of course it was not full of chocolates but more like a work of art.

Rather, he made it by accident printer Gerhard Lang from Maulbronn, who later began to devote himself fully to the printing of calendars. Under the windows of the following versions they started to hide all kinds of pictures, verses or quotations from the Bible. Advent calendars have been a success all over the world since then, and a large number of them appear in stores every year.

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When do advent calendars go on sale?

When you walk through your favorite supermarket in October, you will probably notice the first swallows in the form of selected advent calendars. Popular brands include Carla, Chocoland, but also Kinder, Orion, Milka and Lindt. Calendars are initially on sale at full price, during November but we can already when purchasing them save significantly.

By purchasing advent calendars this year, consumers will save an average of 25% compared to the regular price, which is 4% more than last year. Advent calendars of the brands Carla, Chocoland and Kinder have grown significantly this year the amount of the discount, namely 30%.

Christmas punch

Christmas punch is a hot drink full of fragrant spices, which conjures up the right Christmas atmosphere in no time. Prepare it at home and enjoy it with your loved ones.

Christmas punch

How much do advent calendars cost?

If you’ve been eagerly anticipating a discount on your favorite brand’s advent calendar, maybe now is your time. Advent calendar se they appear more and more often in promotional leaflets. However, this year, unfortunately, the general increase in prices did not escape even this product. data showed that the average price increased by CZK 11 year-on-year, which is a difference of less than 8%. The Jojo and Merci calendars have not yet appeared in the sale.

Last year in action first discovered the Kinder Bueno advent calendar, which is still on sale this year for CZK 214.90 in the Tesco chain. Average with the most the price of the Lentilka Orion advent calendar has increased by even 21%. The Lindt calendar 115 g for CZK 156.37 or the Kinder calendar 184 g for CZK 211.68 kept a similar promotional price.

How much is the most expensive advent calendar? And what about the cheapest?

One of the most expensive calendars that appear on the pages of promotional flyers is Advent calendar Lindt 170 g, which normally costs less than 300 CZK and in the sale for 227 CZK. Among the more expensive brands are the Haribo advent calendar 300 g for CZK 209.90 or the Lentilka Orion calendar 193.9 g for CZK 195.

Although some calendars from popular confectionery manufacturers cost up to several hundred crowns, you can also find calendar for CZK 22namely the advent calendar Chocolate 50 g. If you want to save, you can also go for the Carl calendar 75 g for CZK 34.90.

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Try other types of advent calendars this year

In the menu of shops, we will not only find calendars with chocolates, but also many others. They are available for coffee or tea enthusiasts calendars with different types of popular drinks. If you want to avoid sweets, you can buy them for the children LEGO City advent calendar for the special price of CZK 479.

You will surely please your significant other too cosmetic calendar. In the DM drugstore, some types of advent calendars are offered at the same prices as last year, while others are more expensive. For example the Trend IT UP advent calendar will cost a constant 699 CZKbut Balea calendars have become more expensive by CZK 20 year-on-year.


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