My pacemaker failed and I passed out, the driver explains the fatal accident


Milan Kilian

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My pacemaker failed and I lost consciousness. According to Deník, this is how a 64-year-old driver from Klatov explains the tragic accident in which he swerved into the left lane near Kokšín and collided with an oncoming car.

Head-on collision between two passenger cars on the I/27 road near Kokšín in Klatovsk.
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Head-on collision between two passenger cars on the I/27 road near Kokšín in Klatovsk.

| Photo: Deník/Daniela Loudová

His mother did not survive the impact, other people were injured. The investigation was already closed and the accident went to court. “I can confirm that an indictment was filed with the District Court in Klatovy for manslaughter by negligence and bodily harm due to negligence,” Petra Švecová, the head of the Klatovsk District Prosecutor’s Office, told Deník.

The accident happened on June 21 before noon, when a senior citizen from Klatovsk was driving a Škoda Octavia, which did not have a valid technical qualification certificate, in the direction of Pilsen to Klatovy. Behind Švihov, after passing a right-hand bend, he suddenly drove in the opposite direction on a straight section. An oncoming driver in a Volvo V60 honked and flashed him and braked himself and tried to swerve to the shoulder, but was unable to avoid a collision with the Octavia, which was hurtling towards him without slowing down at all. The impact was fatal for the 90-year-old woman in the Octavia, the mother of the driver. A helicopter still transported her from the scene, but it was no longer possible to save her. Her son and the 42-year-old driver of the other car suffered injuries and were taken to hospital.

Tereza Kaňková, charged with negligent homicide and negligent grievous bodily harm, at the Klato court. Small pictures of cars after an accident.

In the accident, she killed her friend and seriously injured two children. She got probation

According to Deník, the culprit of the accident told the police that he had collapsed before the accident. He attributed this to the pacemaker, which was already at the end of its useful life and had already, according to him, shown abnormal values ​​during checks. In his opinion, a medical expert confirmed that the pacemaker was indeed nearing the end of its useful life, but stated that all the basic functions of the device were fully preserved.

The date of the main trial has not yet been set, according to information from the Journal. The driver faces up to six years in prison. It’s not his only problem, his other trials are currently ongoing, due to economic reasons criminal activitiesspecifically the tunneling of one of the companies in Klatovsk.

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