A chaplain will start visiting the sick in the Kyiv hospital again

A chaplain will start visiting the sick in the Kyiv hospital again
A chaplain will start visiting the sick in the Kyiv hospital again

Kyjov – In the coming weeks, a chaplain will start visiting patients again at the hospital in Kyjov. The hospital is renewing its cooperation with the Archdiocese of Olomouc, hospital spokeswoman Veronika Hollerová said in a press release today. The cooperation between the hospital and the church has been valid since 2014, but it was interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The hospital chaplain could come two afternoons a week, Tuesday and Thursday. He listens to the patients, talks with them, reads aloud and brings Holy Communion. “Renewed cooperation with the church brings hope for improving the health of patients, regardless of their religious affiliation. It aims to support and empower anyone who is undergoing treatment at the hospital and is interested in this service,” the spokeswoman said.

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In Brno hospitals, the function of hospital chaplains is common. For example, chaplain Anna Kostková takes care of patients at the Brno University Hospital. “I live there every day except Sunday. Sometimes I see ten patients, sometimes five. It depends on how long I am needed, I can sit with a person for an hour. Most often, people want to talk about their family, what they’ve been through, trying to put things in order in their lives, looking for forgiveness. It is extremely important for recovery,” said Kostková.

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