Tiger Woods is new to the world of golf, to coach and promoter Robert Schovnek

Tiger Woods is new to the world of golf, to coach and promoter Robert Schovnek
Tiger Woods is new to the world of golf, to coach and promoter Robert Schovnek

Although it is November, he is preparing for the April Lzn Bohdane Open. A golf tournament that will fall under the heading of the PGA Tour starting this summer.

What has changed for you?
For golfers, this is a sign that it is a quality tournament. It’s understandable, even if the player moves to the starting field, the action has a sound. Cooperation with the PGA is very important, we do not want to stop at what we have given full.

Here, professionals and amateurs play, one day separately, the other day together, when there is one professional and two amateurs in the dark. In the future, I would like the tournament to be a two-round tournament and become the championship of the Czech Republic.

In one interview you said: Compared to other tournaments, we try to keep the elements of the show. What do you think?
I have an accompanying program, competition, golf club testing, concert. This year, Ready Kirken and Eterea Trio, an electric string trio, performed. And for Friday we will prepare a concert by a famous musical group. During the day, you have to offer more than just golf.

Filip Mrzek at the tournament in Lznch Bohdane

How did you get into golf in the first place?
My father co-founded Golf Club Semily, so I actually grew up with a golf club. Then I worked for a while as a player and trainer at Kuntick hoe, and in 2012 I went to Lzn Bohdane, where it seemed great at the time.

Hit with straight holes, there were maybe only six of them, very modest ground, dry steps. I thought to myself: I’ll stay here for a week and leave. But I met a bunch of geniuses there, who told me: Wait, let’s invent something. And let me tell you, we have eighteen holes, Julien Brun, two-time Challenge Tour champion, and Olympian Ondej Lieser played you in our tournament. And last year, the hit was the second most visited in the Czech Republic, only the Pyely area had more.

k se, e hit in Lznch Bohdan is one of the worst, right? In a way, yes, you will find a lot of hills, forests, water there… But on the other hand, it is a plain and the way it is put into the market has an unmistakable atmosphere and perfect quality.

There are a hundred golf holes in the basket, isn’t that too much?
It’s enough to make the seemingly pompous arela look like a hit ghost. I love how it works in Scotland, where almost every town has a hit, but it’s small, devtijamkov, reasonably priced. With a bit of exaggeration: A guy gets off the tractor and goes to wash his face. This could be a way for us to get golf to as many people as possible.

What is the actual condition of Czech golf?
That’s about two. I saw how many kids started playing golf when Klra Spilkov came out. They wanted to be like her, they had their role model, what should they do. On the contrary, we don’t have a game between men that has stable results and rushes. Also because the competition is huge. Yes, there’s Alex ejka, oh what a log, but he represents Germany. And it is interesting that the best players went through American universities.

Do you have an explanation?
Maybe it’s a mentality. There are definitely no frictions here, but thanks to the American environment, he plays more, he is self-conscious. Ze zmo is so used to vt competition. It’s ten games here, eighty at the university. But I know that Ji Zuska, the first golfer to qualify for the American PGA, will become the long-term Czech number one and the TV of golf. He would have made it to the Olympics, even though his progress is extremely difficult.

After the end of Tiger Woods, who was a hegemon for 20 years, TV and the world of golf will miss it, eh?
Alas, new Tiger Woods mistakes. Such a game is born once in a hundred years. And wherever he drank, people drank. You? There is no clear number one. Jordan Spieth is great one year, then slumps. Almost anyone can beat me from the starting field on the PGA Tour. Hopefully some personality will appear soon.

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