The famous British bluesman on his knees. His dog companion went missing in Prague

The famous British bluesman on his knees. His dog companion went missing in Prague
The famous British bluesman on his knees. His dog companion went missing in Prague

Guitarist and singer Justin Lavash, known for his collaborations with leading Czech musicians, was devastated by the loss of his beloved canine friend. The sick female ran away from him shortly after the concert in Prague and now he is searching for her unsuccessfully. He even posted a reward for finding her.

Justin Lavash, a British musician living in the Czech Republic, whom people may know for example thanks to his collaborations with Lenka Dusilová, Monika Načeva, Michal Horáček and Vladimír Merta, is experiencing some of the hardest moments of his life. At the beginning of November, he lost his beloved female Mája, who helped him overcome a serious illness and accompanied him almost every step of the way.

“She ran into me while loading the equipment after the concert on 1/11/2023 in Petrské náměstí in Prague. She is already old. She is 11 years old. She can’t see, hear and smell badly. And in the last few weeks it got even worse. She was standing next to me , I chatted for five minutes and suddenly she wasn’t there. She probably mistook me for someone else, followed him and got lost. Or someone stole her, I don’t know,” the singer claims.

At the same time, he has a deep friendship with the female. They’ve been through a lot together. “I’ve had her for over six years. She’s from a shelter. We both got cancer in the same year and I also had serious problems with my pancreas. It was very serious for me, I almost died then,” he recalls.

“I live alone. She was the reason I survived. She is more than a dog to me. She is my best friend. She is with me when I play, even when I sleep,” Lavash confided.

Her loss therefore turned his life upside down. “I also came with my bag because of that. They stole it from my car, which I forgot to lock in the shock. I also had my ID card, house keys and diabetes medication there,” he adds.

It is said that he could not spend much time in Prague on the day of the girl’s escape, even because of the lost medicines. But since then, he goes to Prague almost every day to look for her. “I’ve talked to the homeless, printed 200 posters, reported it to the city police, hired an animal detective, shared it on lost dog groups, but so far to no avail,” he laments.

The singer offered a reward of five thousand for finding the sick female. “She’s a poodle cross. And she’s scarred from illnesses. She was wearing a collar and harness with her name and phone number on it. It’s getting cold and I’m worried about her,” he says, pleading with those who know where to find her to contact him immediately they called 608 309 773.

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