Today in the Street: What are people drinking for in Coolno? It looks

Today in the Street: What are people drinking for in Coolno? It looks
Today in the Street: What are people drinking for in Coolno? It looks

Josefínka is born, but she took a toll not only on herself, but also on her mother Dominica, who almost bled to death in the hall. Fortunately, the doctors managed to manage the complicated birth, so a few moments later she can celebrate in the brand new Coolna. But that little rascal knew how to plan it, you see?

The birth dragged on and Kryštof and Karla ended up in bed together

Dominika’s birth became so complicated that Karla had to leave to replace Věrka and Mára stayed with Tony. Tony then had a night of horror when the birth became so complicated that the obstetrician had to resort to forceps. If everything went like clockwork, Karla and Mára would probably end up having a drink in a pub somewhere and then maybe in bed together. However, they ended up in that one anyway. Mára was so exhausted from Dominika’s birth that he suddenly didn’t mind lying down next to Karla. Then when they both woke up, they quickly checked their cell phones. Not even a knock on those, though. Should they think the worst? But then finally Tony spoke up. Dominika is stable and out of danger. Pepinka is born, and on her evening you will go to the newly renovated Coolna for a drink.

Verka is again the last to learn everything. It should finally dawn on her why everyone is doing this. Nobody cares about its organization and axing. It is much more convenient to bypass Věrka in important matters and entrust her only with what can be bitten. Maybe Christmas together.

In Coolna, everything fits as it should

And where else to drink Josefínka than in the newly renovated Coolná? Everyone will meet there, Monika is also invited. She has to leave for work, but she promises Mára that she will stop there for a jump. But only to congratulate the new father. And maybe it is thanks to her and the joyful atmosphere that everything works out the way it should in Coolna. Mára and Karla have been together for several times without children. And that’s why the conversation can turn to, for example, Richard, with whom Karla allegedly had a date. Mára has to admit that seeing Karla happy with another man was not pleasant for him. And when he has the chance, he asks how serious it is. Does he know that he is at the moment when their fateful point can still be reversed? If he doesn’t realize it, Monika certainly does.

Monika lobbies for Karla

Monika will love Karel after all, and not only for the broth she recently had brought to her, but also for a happy marriage. What about the fact that she was often in bed with her husband now? The main thing is that there is still a chance to save their relationship. She was born together with Pepina. She now has the best family history in her wine. And when it’s time to leave and Mára accompanies Monika to her car, it turns out that Monika is far-sighted after all. He seriously speaks to Máro’s soul and sends him back to Coolna where he belongs. Karla really didn’t expect something like this.

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