Sexual horoscope: Gemini allows themselves to be conquered, Capricorns surprise with their endurance

Sexual horoscope: Gemini allows themselves to be conquered, Capricorns surprise with their endurance
Sexual horoscope: Gemini allows themselves to be conquered, Capricorns surprise with their endurance

Thursday evening will be marked by romance, stormy arguments and even more passionate reconciliation. What is the prediction by the stars for your star sign? Check out the horoscope to find out what awaits you tonight.


People born under this wild sign will require some violent sex tonight. Sex is a tool for them today to get rid of stress, and they will want to take it all out on their partner. All this in a good way. Get ready for a night full of passion, dear Aries.


Taurus will not be good companions tonight. Sex with them could seem boring, as people under this sign will not want to step out of their comfort zone tonight. If you’re after romance, at least treat your significant other to a good dinner.


On the contrary, Geminis are just shaking at erotica tonight. If you do not know what to please your beloved, help him. Show him your thirteenth chamber and get him to paradise. That’s what your partner is waiting for tonight.


Cancers are lustful, waiting for something new. They like to experiment in bed and tonight will be no different. Everything will be carried out in a very decent spirit, you don’t have to worry about anything. If your partner has been sending you love signals since morning, don’t ignore them.


People born under this predatory sign have a clear agenda tonight. In addition to moving to bed soon to indulge in their amorous games, they’ll also want to share it somewhere else. Not only the kitchen unit, but also the open window will suit them. Be careful not to catch a cold.


Virgos will be joking tonight. And really everywhere, including your bedroom. This is because Virgo will shine with erotic fantasy tonight and will present you with her plans and hidden wishes. Don’t be afraid and try to please your significant other.


Tonight you will indulge in sex and passion


Libras are sex-minded, and tonight will be the same. When he sets his sights on something, he won’t let go of his plan. Be prepared for your partner to get straight to the point when you get home.


Forget about having sex with a Scorpio tonight. If you were to try something, you would learn that he has a headache and is not in the mood for anything. Therefore, try it gradually and tune your partner first.


Sagittarians will make it clear tonight what they want. They will show their feelings to their significant other in such a way that they will not be able to resist. Don’t be afraid of it and try something new. Your partner craves it.


People born under the sign of Capricorn indulge in romance tonight. In addition to probably going out for a romantic dinner, you also have to prepare for a stormy night. Don’t worry, you and your partner will be in heaven tonight.


Aquarius knows how to loosen up in sex, and tonight will be no different. A woman will want to try new positions. Capricorns will require a supine position tonight, in which they will prepare a lot of surprises for you.


Pisces will make it clear to you tonight that they want rough and passionate sex. She takes all the initiative and once is not enough. But don’t expect sex in bed. This star sign will want him on the ground so that you are as close as possible.

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