the rights of the roads are not saved, they themselves are to blame for the majority of accidents in the south of Moravia

the rights of the roads are not saved, they themselves are to blame for the majority of accidents in the south of Moravia
the rights of the roads are not saved, they themselves are to blame for the majority of accidents in the south of Moravia

Unflattering statistics were recently published by the Accident Portal. The problems can be seen in the combination of heavy traffic, a large number of non-urban commuters coming to and from the Brno agglomeration and insufficient road capacity, comments Jan Chalas from the company DataFriends, who operates the portal and has compiled a list of the cities in the region with the highest risk of traffic accidents (see box) ).

The road I/54 near Aroice in Hodonnska was located in Ebek. The mayor of the village, Ji Kacer (nez.), who is also a volunteer firefighter, comes to this town a lot. It is a long stop in the direction of the aroic, which is worth the wine. Therefore, last year, the workers applied a surface with a rough structure, which is supposed to stick to the impact of the car on the road. This year included the installation of guardrails.

Unfortunately, the safety of the horse in the cities where cars get into the biggest problems and crash. With the guardrail completed that day, the car flew out in the forest in the usual place. Since Idi was not injured, he did not call for help. Do the same to other officers for various reasons, these bastards will not get into the statistics. The next day, the situation repeated itself, noted the mayor of Aroice.

There is no 100% certainty that an extended arrestor would make the situation worse. Maybe the car in that city would have just scraped away from them and driving in the opposite direction would have threatened the other vehicle with its heart.

I don’t want to wait for D52

Even the mayor of Mikulov, Jitka Sobotkov (ANO), is trying to remove the problematic city from the top 10, the junction of the I/52 road with the branch at Bez and Brnnská streets. The situation is vn. We are Mikulov, the gateway to the republic, and a safe and secure traffic situation is the same for us, tough.

At two, there was a roundabout in the city, but it is being used for the construction of the planned D52 and the related Mikulov bypass. We all know that the construction of the highway is constantly delayed and we cannot rely on it, Sobotkov noted.

With the descent of the police, the editorship of roads and highways and the Sprva and the road department, therefore, look for options in the short time horizon for you to restore horizontal road signs, the right surrounding vegetation and the removal of disruptive advertising areas.

In ten of the most risky localities in the region, the density of traffic around Brno will also be affected, especially on the roads leading to the city. Collectively, local, regional, as well as global and international transit traffic takes place on them.

Know the rules and take care of yourself

Five of the ten high-risk cities in the list are located in Brno and the surrounding area, two of which are in the city at the junction of the I/41 road with Sokolova Street and the Kolit and Cejlu traffic lights. The same cuts were made in the analysis of the magisterial department of transport.

So it became clear to us that the main reason for accidents is not the construction or organization of the right-of-way, but people’s inattention. In dense urban traffic, dangerous situations appear more often, so we should be more alert and careful, points out the speech of the mayor, Filip Pouchlek.

Ofi has to stick to the large and well-lit, but just as visible and relatively comfortable corner of Brnnsk, Purkyova and Cukrovarsk streets near the department store in Vykov. I’m not up to date with the rights. The whole problem is about the knowledge of the rules of traffic, especially driving skills, and the need to devote yourself fully to the values ​​of the city of Michal Ko.

It’s the same way on the second road towards the fashionable Olympia shopping center, where you don’t follow the distance. In both cases, it is a light switch, where the risk of accidents should be minimal during the prescription. The supervision of their traffic will not belong to the county as the owner of the road, but to the police. Any route manager must, as elsewhere, monitor the condition of traffic signs and guide you through their restoration, summarizes the duties of the spokesperson of the South Moravian Governorate, Alena Knotkov.

As she pointed out, the city’s general traffic from the unflattering street really doesn’t go to the region’s shirt, or it’s about the intersections of highways and roads I. tdy.

The data analysts of the Accident Portal process traffic accident analyzes for each region, the final collection and risk cities are subsequently agreed upon by an expert commission composed of representatives of BESIP, the police and the RSE Project, which is dedicated to road safety.

The most dangerous cuts in the last five years

1) entrance to the D1 highway near Bedichovice (Brno), a total of 49 accidents with 16 injuries, the main reason for the unflattering statistics is not adjusting the speed to the road condition
2) intersection of road I/43 and Blanensk street near Kuimi (Brno), 28 accidents with 20 injuries, do not use the pin disrespectful signs Give way
3) section of the D1 road near Rousnov (Vykovsko), 23 accidents and 12 injured people, mainly due to inappropriate speed
4) corner of Brnnsk, Purkyova and Cukrovarsk streets in Vykovin the last five years, 15 accidents with 17 injuries, mostly due to the inattention of women
5) junction of the I/52 road in Mikulov with the branch to Bez and Brnnsk streets (Beclavsko), recorded 14 accidents with an unsecured pin of the day’s priority in driving
6) junction of road I/41 from Sokolova Street in Brnowhere there were 12 accidents with 16 injuries during the change period, the main reason for the week’s left-hand turn
7) sec road I/54 near the village of Aroice (Hodonnska), 10 accidents, the driver’s seat was not suitable for speed
8) junction of road I/55 with Na Koncch Street in Moravsk Nov Ves (Beclavsko), 8 accidents and 14 injuries, most people did not respect the stop sign
9) sec in Modice at the traffic light switch to Olympia (Brno), 22 accidents with 11 injuries were recorded, fixed distance safety
10) traffic lights at Kolit and Cejl streets in Brnowhere there were 14 accidents with 12 injuries.

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