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Stock markets are a big attraction. Especially today, when one can invest very easily and very quickly in virtually any company that is traded on the stock exchange from the comfort of one’s couch. But choosing the right stock and at the same time the right moment to invest is not so easy. Among the leading investors in the Czech Republic in this area is Michal Semotan from J&T Bank, who will reveal his tips and tricks on how to be like a fish in water in the world of stocks at our Money Maker investment conference, which takes place on November 21. The workshops will go more in-depth.

Want more practical advice and information? We are expanding the program of our large investment conference even more, in the main part of which Marek Dospiva, Ivana Tykač, Tomáš Čupr or Tamara Kotvalová will speak, among others. Sign up for one of the specialized workshops, which will take place as part of Money Maker, as many as four of them. Investing in shares, real estate and business as such will be discussed.

How to register for the workshop with Michal Semotan and others? It is easy. You must have a ticket to Money Maker and register on the conference website in time. Registration will start on Friday, November 10 at 9 a.m and the capacity of individual seminars is 50 people. So whoever signs up first gets to participate. Alternatively, you can get on the ten-man alternate list.

And what can you learn? In addition to Michal Semotan, XTB analyst Štěpán Hájek will also talk about how to start investing in shares. Milan Kratina will talk about how he built the billion-dollar empire Accolade, and if you are interested in real estate, then Robert Johnson from the UlovDomov company will talk about how to invest in it effectively.

Accolade: How to Build a Billion Dollar Real Estate Business

Real estate is not only houses, apartments and cottages, but also, for example, industrial parks and halls. How to put together the right real estate mix so that it earns you while carrying low risks? Milan Kratina, executive director and co-owner of Accolade, who has been involved in real estate for more than ten years, and therefore has an overview of how the real estate market is developing and the latest trends, will talk about this. In the second part of the seminar, Accolade’s head of business development, Tomáš Hanáček, will present concrete case studies on real projects.

What you will learn:

  • How to build a real estate portfolio.
  • A simple guide to getting into industrial real estate investing.
  • What concrete case studies look like so you can walk away and start investing right away.

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Štěpán Hájek at the Money Maker conference

XTB: Stock Investing 101 or How to Successful Stockpicking

There is no one right way to analyze stocks. Each investor approaches stock selection differently, assigns different importance to different metrics, but the basis from which it is based is always the same. The workshop on active investing in stocks will consist of three important pillars that every investor must pay attention to.

Investing in stocks is primarily investing in companies. Ideally, to high-quality companies that are dominant in their field. XTB analyst Štěpán Hájek, who will lead the seminar, will focus on how to recognize such a quality company, how to proceed when choosing it or when is the right time to buy it.

What you will learn:

  • Basic metrics by which you can recognize a quality company worth investing in.
  • How to choose according to the industry in which the company operates.
  • When is the right time to buy stocks?

UlovDomov: How to buy an apartment as an investment and not lose money?

Do you want to invest in real estate? Have you calculated how your cashflow will change over time? And do you have an idea of ​​the risks you are exposed to? Robert Johnson, who works as Head of Growth at UlovDomov, will talk about how important this is at the workshop. It will show how to build a business case for investment rentals and what to watch out for. The seminar is designed for those who want to gain a deeper understanding and skills in real estate investing.

What you will learn:

  • Cashflow dynamics over time (mortgages vs. increasing rent).
  • Identification of potential risks with non-payers, vacancies and repairs.
  • How to prevent or minimize the aforementioned risks.
  • Creation of a stable business case for investment rental.

J&T: How and in what to invest successfully

Today, a person can invest in virtually anything very easily and very quickly from the comfort of their couch. The entire stock market lies before us, but also all sorts of other more or less alternative opportunities. What investment opportunities does today’s world offer and how do you learn about them? How to think about investments and for whom it is more profitable to buy individual shares and who should rather invest money in a fund? And what should you look for when deciding who to entrust your money to? Experienced investor Michal Semotan, who is a portfolio manager at J&T Bank, will talk about this.

What you will learn:

  • How to navigate the endless world of investment possibilities.
  • What indicators to watch and what is important for an investor.
  • Why the foundation is important.
  • What to focus on as an investment in 2024.

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