Golden Swan: I’d rather rip the baby out of my body, she threatened


Bára knows about the danger that threatens her, but she does not want to leave. She didn’t do anything. Not even Eva, and yet she is in the clutches of the Gestapo. Martin tries, but in vain. Weak Petr is unable to convince his wife to take back the information about Bára. How can such a bitch run a company and act as a positive hero?

There is a new German spy in the shop, which his ex-wife Valerie and daughter Kristýna are not happy about. But Lhotský is determined to make a career out of German politics. He finally gained the power he had long dreamed of. He wants his daughter Kristýna to accept German citizenship. She would be safe. However, Valerie does not share her ex-husband’s views.

Martin went to meet Gruber, but did not go. The vengeful woman knows what kind of world she lives in and has decided to make Eva pay for all the flings her husband has had. Finally, revenge is at hand. Martin is patiently waiting for Gruber in the yard, with whom he is at least having a conversation. The latter makes it clear to him that someone must be found who owns the sought-after typewriter.

However, Gruber senses that her husband’s will to punish Eva is not strong, so she adds fuel to the fire herself. She reminds her husband of the failed attempts to have a child and adds the threat that she would rather tear the child from her body than see Eva free.

Gruber | Source: TV Nova

Marek is now a much bigger hero than the incompetent Petr, who can’t handle his wife or sister. Marek wants Bára to leave with Kamil, for whom he has an escape route. But Bara refuses. Apparently, she cannot leave the place of saleswoman and occasional companion of Kučera.

And Bouchner gets the floor again, who is visibly under the domination of her husband, to whom she sings odes. She is worried about her four children and will say anything her husband tells her to do. He is completely useless as a witness.

Irena was rewarded for submitting to the family’s plans. The mother brought her sons for a few days. Irena the dragon could probably handle it, but electric shocks are so unpleasant for her that she will do anything to get rid of the treatment.

However, it’s a bit illogical that a woman like her would be dependent on family income at her age, which she doesn’t currently have, and have to bend to the family’s will for that (no iron fund?). But the script now made her an obedient sheep, so the audience will definitely not appreciate this position of hers. Not even her love Alena can do anything with her. Why does Alena like her?

The cobbler and shop owner Petr Kučera, who is controlled by Bouchner, cannot even get his “beloved wife” Markéta to retract her statement to the Gestapo in which she claimed that Marta shot Bára. The positive hero, who certainly has access to the family fortune, will continue to play the good guy, but he’s not really willing to sacrifice any of his standard of living. What if papa decided to leave the family property to drug addict Rudolph, right? Irena is already out of the property game, so Petr just has to hold on so that papa doesn’t change the will.

Or that he believed that Markéta, in good health, cared for by a slightly sadistic German doctor, would give birth to the heir to the empire and hand in hand they would increase the property for his future?

Alena already understood that she herself had targeted Bára when she mentioned to Irena that Bára was spending the night with Petr. But Irena doesn’t care what Alena thinks, because she is now adapting her life to her treatment and will do anything to get it over with. Alena also realized who killed Marta and why. But how will he deal with it?

Young Kamil Pulkráb apparently decided that lounging in the attic was boring. For him, going somewhere would mean living for himself, which he does not know. When he meets his father, he comes to the opinion that he will turn himself in to the Gestapo as a writer of leaflets against the German Empire. It is difficult to judge whether he was aware of the consequences of his decision. It’s just as hard to imagine that he wouldn’t have told the Gestapo everything he knew.

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