R – consumer prices rose by 0.1% in June, then by 8.5%

R – consumer prices rose by 0.1% in June, then by 8.5%
R – consumer prices rose by 0.1% in June, then by 8.5%

Consumer prices rose by 0.1% month-on-month. This development was mainly influenced by the increase in prices in the food and non-alcoholic beverages department and in the clothing and footwear department, which was compensated by the decrease in prices in the housing department. Meanwhile, consumer prices rose by 8.5% in June, which was 1.6 percentage points more than last year.

Interim comparison

Meanwhile, consumer prices rose by 0.1% in June. In the section of food and non-alcoholic beverages, the prices of pork in particular increased by 5.0%, eggs by 10.8%, fruit by 3.0%, vegetables by 2.2%, semi-thin shelf-stable milk by 5.8% and butter by 5.0%. In clothing, clothing and footwear, clothing prices increased by 2.2% and footwear by 3.2%. The mid-month price drop was recorded mainly in the residential sector, where the prices of electricity fell by 1.7%, natural gas by 3.0% and heat and hot water by 0.8%. Of the foodstuffs, the prices of non-alcoholic beverages fell by 2.0%, minced meat by 2.3%, potatoes by 5.4%, yogurt by 3.8% and sugar by 5.2%.

The prices of goods remained the same as the month, while the prices of services rose by 0.2%.

Meziron cf

In January, the acceleration of interannual price growth to 8.5% was caused by the negative impact of the disputed tariff on the prices of electronics. If we did not include this disputed tariff in the input, the price increase would be 5.8%, said Pavla ediv, head of the department of consumer price statistics S .

Meanwhile, consumer prices rose by 8.5% in June, which was 1.6 percentage points more than last year. This accelerated1) interannual price growth was influenced by rising prices in the housing sector. Electronics prices accelerated their year-on-year growth to 148.6% (vs. 16.5%), mainly due to their sharp decline in June 2022 (see Note). Conversely, natural gas prices slowed their growth to 6.2% (vs. 12.5%), heat and water prices to 31.0% (vs. 36.2%) and solid fuels to 3.9% (vs. 12.9 %). A slight increase in prices in the food and non-alcoholic beverages segment had an effect on the international price development. In June, bread prices rose by 5.1% (vs. 10.3%), vegetables by 12.4% (vs. 20.4%), of which potato prices rose by 48.5% (vs. 63.4%) . Egg prices fell by 6.2% (up by 7.5%) and sugar prices by 11.1% (up by 44.6%).

On meziron price level rise in June, the prices in the housing sector were the most affected, where, in addition to the above, the prices of some apartments increased2) by 7.9%, water by 16.3% and stone by 26.9%. The most affected category were prices in the food and non-alcoholic beverages section (increase by 3.7%). In the recreation and culture department, the prices of holidays with complex services increased by 11.6%. In the department of restaurants and lodgings, the prices of catering services increased by 8.9% and the prices of accommodation services by 12.2%. In June, prices in the transport sector fell to the midpoint of the dream price level, where car prices fell by 4.3% and fuel and oil prices by 7.3%.

The costs of owner-occupied housing (imputed to men) did not change year-on-year (increased by 0.1%). the general index of consumer prices excluding the cost of owning a home was 109.7%. (More information: Methodological note.)

The prices of goods as a whole increased by 10.1% and the prices of services by 6.1%.

The inflation rate measured by the index of average consumer prices for the last 12 months against the average of the previous 12 months was 12.1% in January (vs. 12.7%).

The level of the basic index of consumer prices for the basic period of 2015 was 148.1% in June (vs. 148.0%).

Harmonized index of consumer prices (HICP)3)

According to pedbnch vpot was in Juneintermediate HICP change in esk 0.0% a meziron 9.5% (vs. 8.3%). By lightning’s guess Eurostat she was meziron change in the HICP in June 2023 for the Eurozone 2.9% (vs 4.3%), in Germany 3.0%. In January, it was the lowest in Slovakia (7.8%) and the lowest in Belgium (decrease of 1.7%). According to Eurostat’s preliminary data, it was meziron change in the HICP 27 EU member states vz 4.9%, which was 1.0 percentage points lower than in August. It was highest in Maastricht (12.2%) and lowest in the Netherlands (decrease of 0.3%).

(More information on the Eurostat website: HICP.)

* * *

From January 2024, the consumer price indices will be based on updated weights, which will be based on household income in 2022 and will be modified by the estimate of income in 2023. Newly surveyed indices will be adjusted to the time and index based on the average of 2015 at all levels of the consumer price index. 100. This will necessarily be the continuation of this time series, from which indexes to other stocks will be possible (previous month = 100, the same as the previous year = 100 and the index of moving averages for the last 12 months to the average of the previous 12 months).


1)Accelerated/decelerated the growth of the interannual price index is the difference between the current and previous interannual index. It is therefore related to the change in the current monthly index and to the change in the basis of the monthly index (growth/decrease) in the same month of the year.

2) The price of the apartment includes both the newly concluded contract and the existing one.

3) The HICP does not include the imputed amount.


Responsible head of staff S: RNDr. Ji Mrzek, editor of the price statistics department, tel. 274052533, e-mail: [email protected]

Contact person: Ing. Pavla ediv, head of the consumer price statistics department, tel. 274052138, e-mail: [email protected]

Method of data collection: Pm ternal price disclosure, central price disclosure and reporting

Data collection deadline: 20th calendar day of the previous month/processing deadline: 3rd calendar day of the following month

Follow-up publications: 012018-23 Consumer price indices basic annual (monthly periodicity) and 012019-23 Consumer price indices detailed annual (annual periodicity)

Documents on the Internet: https://www.czso.cz/csu/czso/inflace-spotrebitelske-ceny

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