Losk’s controversial tariff spoke to inflation. It rose to 8.5% in June

Losk’s controversial tariff spoke to inflation. It rose to 8.5% in June
Losk’s controversial tariff spoke to inflation. It rose to 8.5% in June

In January, the acceleration of interannual price growth to 8.5 percent was caused by the negative impact of the disputed tariff on the prices of electronics. If we did not include this disputed tariff in the input, the price increase would be 5.8 percent, said Pavla Ediv, head of the consumer price statistics department of S.

Meanwhile, natural gas prices slowed their growth to 6.2%, heat and hot water prices to 31.0% and solid fuels to 3.9%. A slight increase in prices in the food and non-alcoholic beverages segment had an effect on the international price development. In June, bread prices rose by 5.1%, vegetables by 12.4%, and potato prices by 48.5%.

The prices of electronics, however, accelerated their average growth to 148.6%, due to a 16.5% drop in the price of electronics. The controversial tariff for electronics was indeed abolished, but the statistics are affected by the dl. Astronomical movement in electronics, however, does not mean that the price per kilowatt-hour of electricity has increased for people. Only the statistical effect of the controversial tariff was manifested, when people received state support in the last year, which they did not receive this year, according to the chief economist of BHS tpn Keek.

The increase in inflation in January is not surprising for economists, and some say that we could only see a drop in inflation before the end of the year.

Add to that not only slightly improved inventory conditions at manufacturers, but also long-term weak demand, resulting in full warehouses of unsold goods. There is undoubtedly room for discounting here, it’s just a question of how much the sellers use it. Inflation could end up below 7.5% this year, with average inflation then at around 10.7%, according to analyst Petr Dufek from the Creditas banking company.

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