We are patriots. We consider it our duty to replace the glass hell, says the developer


Recently, many attractive development projects have been created in Pilsen. Anyone who comes to Pilsen along Rokycanská street will be interested in the construction of a modern shopping center on the site of the never approved Carimex building known as ‘glass hell’.

According to owner Ivan Hlaváček, the developer, InterCora, intends to build not only a shopping center but also apartment buildings here.

What does this commitment mean to you and when will it start?
If I wasn’t a Pilsen patriot, InterCora probably wouldn’t have gone into this project. Economically, this project does not work out very well. The glass hell, as the name for this object came to be, has been haunting Pilsen for quite a few years. When we were given the opportunity to join the project, we thought that as a Pilsen company we had a bit of an obligation to undertake the revitalization of this area. In the first stage, which we plan to start in the fall of next year, a commercial zone with a grocery store and fast food will be created. The second, subsequent stage will include apartments, and then a combination of apartments and administration could be created.

Source: Diary/Zdeněk Vaiz

On Thursday, you also ceremoniously opened the well-known Alice in the new for all Pilsen residents. How demanding was the project and how is the new Alice better and more modern than her old version?Original Alice shopping center was created in the 80s of the last century and corresponded to the needs of that time. Today’s Alice project meets the strictest ecological requirements and, in my opinion, fits better into the existing development of Lábkova and Terezia Brzková streets. Today’s tenants’ demands for the appearance of the building and the materials used cannot be compared to the post-revolutionary period when we bought Alice. Of course, customers are also more demanding, as they must feel comfortable in the shopping center, have somewhere to park, etc. Based on an agreement with the city, we also managed to create a uniform green area at the Alice shopping center, which will serve as a park with play elements for local citizens. The construction of the mall also allowed it to rise number of parking spaces in Terezia Brzková street. The city of Pilsen is starting the construction of parking spaces these days.

After months of work, the Alice Shopping Center opens in Pilsen in Skvrňany.

The Alice shopping center in Plzeň’s Skvrňany is ready, the shops have already opened

On the same day, a conference was also held on the subject of Transformation of the trader in the age of data. What was interesting that was said there and if you could compare the time of the start of your business with today, what do you think is the main difference?I think yesterday’s celebration of 30 years of our company InterCora went well. It was quite difficult to organize it, for which everyone deserves a big thank you. One of the points of the day-long program was the professional conference that we organize every year. This year, the theme of the transformation of the trader in today’s modern, digital age was chosen. We probably all perceive that there is already a relatively large offer of online stores where we can buy any goods. Large online marketplaces are being set up, considerable funds are being invested in the digitization of stores. And we asked ourselves whether this means the end of brick-and-mortar stores. The answer will be surprising, especially for the younger generation. Digitization of the store will not mean the end of brick-and-mortar stores, in our opinion, digitalization will only be a supplement to brick-and-mortar stores that will be around for decades to come.


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