Penny placed Michal David’s new CD next to condoms


photo: Vít Hassan for David

A few days ago we reported on Michal David’s new CD. Funky 2 will bring fans 22 hits in the new version. It can only be found in the Penny Market chain of stores, and only in limited quantities. Our editorial office went around several branches and we did not see him anywhere, nor did the employees help us. Our reader had better luck, but was surprised in which section he found the CD.

Michal David has been working with Penny Market for a long time. It came to the attention of viewers mainly through advertising, when the chain celebrated the 25th anniversary of entering the Czech market. The basis of the ads were Michal David’s hits, but with new lyrics.

Probably the biggest response was the central song Kompot, where Michal David instead of: “Non stop, I want to live non stop”, sings “kompot, I bring you kompot”.

The responses were embarrassing, someone rated the ad as funny, but more people did not share the enthusiasm.

It was similar with the announcement of the new CD.

We wrote

Michal David has been working with Penny Market for a long time. We can mention his concerts for the 25th anniversary of the company, which took place in 2022…

“Michal David releases new album Funky 2! Enjoy his other 22 great hits! Look forward to songs like It’s Close, The Showman, The Rocketeer and much more! You can buy the CD exclusively in all our Penny stores,” the chain wrote on Facebook.

However, supporters of the supermarket on Facebook did not spare their criticism. Out of sixty comments, only two were positive.

The CD was supposed to be on the shelves from Thursday, November 2. The chain talked about a unique event. The CD can be purchased in stores for 149 crowns.

Success in Kostelec nad Černými lesy

That afternoon, when we asked an employee at Žižkov in Prague if they had the album, he replied that he didn’t know that we should ask someone else. Whom? He didn’t know. The cashier responded similarly. “Well, I don’t know at all, he’s probably not here,” she said curtly.

We visited the supermarket in Mukařov in Central Bohemia on Saturday. Michal David nowhere again. “David? What kind of David?” the cashier replied when we asked if they had a CD. They didn’t even know in Uhřínevsi.

The cashier reacted similarly on Saturday in Prague’s Malešice. “I don’t know that we should have such a thing,” she replied.

That day, a reader who had better luck contacted the editorial office, but was surprised where he found the CD.

Michal David’s new CD. Author: reader

“I read your article about Michal David. It’s not my cup of coffee, but when I was shopping at Penny’s on Saturday morning, I deliberately looked to see if they had CDs,” he wrote.

He went through the entire store, he said he expected that there would be a separate stand for albums in front of the cash registers, where there are mostly sale items, but nothing.

“Only then do I stand at the cash register and see that the CD is right next to the condoms and wet wipes. I was quite amused by that, I wouldn’t have expected him there,” he said and sent the photo.

It was a store in Kostelec nad Černý lesy.

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