idi drove off the road and crashed into a house under a slope, he and two children were injured


The accident happened around seven o’clock in the morning in Jabloneck street. the driver did not take the sharp right-hand turn, where a speed of 30 kilometers per hour is recommended, drove off the road and crashed into a family house, which is located below the slope. People traveling in cars were injured in accidents.

Two minors suffered minor injuries and were transported to Liberec for further treatment. Idi suffered moderate injuries and the rescuers transported him to the trauma center in Liberec, said rescuer Michael Georgiev.

The fire department also intervened in revenge. Our units have stabilized the vehicle and anti-porn measures. We pedaled the injured person to safety, said Petra Knkov, representative of the fire department.

idi crashed in Jabloneck street in Liberec.

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The firemen then started to extricate the vehicle, which was several meters below the level of the main road. They immediately cooperated with colleagues from Sprva eleznic, who have a test car, added Knkov.

Tanvaldsk Street had to be closed for several hours. Pins and circumstances of the accident were photographed by a police officer. A breath test was negative for Idia, police spokeswoman Klra Jenkov added. The police will still find out the codes on the car and the house.

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