GLOSA: The group Hundred Animals has a green light from the fans


After baptisms in Olomouc and Brno, the third took place on Thursday in Prague’s Akropolis Palace. It was sold out, and even though the group has more concerts planned for this year, it was a question of what would happen next.

After the evening, at which the album’s godfathers were lyricist Tomáš Belko and actor Tomáš Jeřábek, everything should be clear by now. The support, love, enthusiasm and respect that the group Hundred Animals received in unrelenting waves during the evening from the fans present obviously preferred the most accommodating option. The ride must go on.

Photo: Jaroslav Špulák, Law

The atmosphere of the concert was great. Milan Cimfe on the stage on the right together with the band Hundred Animals.

Sure enough, pain and longing hovered over the two-hour-plus evening as expected. Honza Kalina was a man of action, a boss and a charismatic showman, simply a personality that can hardly be replaced. Very sensibly, no one even tried to do it on stage.

Singer Jana Jelínková, on whom the duties of the most visible member of the party fell, remained the friendly, chatty lady she always was, and above all, a reliable singer. In addition to her, Kalina’s singing parts were mainly taken up by former band member, singer and guitarist Petr Ostrouchov, singing trumpeter Míra Barabáš, musician and studio engineer Milan Cimfe, singer Vyspašné fixy Márdi and former member of Hundred Animals Arnošt Hanf also joined the microphone, also female vocalists and members bands.

Photo: Jan Šída, Law

The baptism of the album, the godfathers were Tomáš Jeřábek (with a bottle) and Tomáš Belko (with the album in hand).

They played songs not only from the new album, which, by the way, is extremely successful in terms of music and lyrics and audibly pushes the group’s work a little further, but also older ones that have been really well tested over time. The audience in the hall sang and danced with them, applauded them respectfully, and without any proclamations it was clear that a piece of her thanks goes to that little cloud that Jana Jelínková talked about, from which Jan Kalina looks down on her work.

Photo: Jan Šída, Law

At one point, a large photo of the late Honza Kalina appeared on the stage.

The people in the hall made a clear decision. Their wish is for the band to continue. She will hopefully accept the fact that her previous work deserves to remain available at other concerts as well. All the more so when it became clear in previous years that she had found her large audience.

The band Hundred Animals will baptize three times and go on tour. See you then

A long round of applause accompanied Honza Kalina on his last journey

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