The price of gasoline is falling. But we will pay more and more for diesel

The price of gasoline is falling. But we will pay more and more for diesel
The price of gasoline is falling. But we will pay more and more for diesel

For the umpteenth day in a row, the wholesale prices of gasoline and diesel producers are falling. The change is already beginning to be reflected in the first domestic pumps.

“Wholesale prices started to fall significantly. Therefore, starting today, we are reducing the price of a liter of gasoline by 1 crown, it will now cost 36.50. If wholesale prices fall even lower, and that possibility is certainly there, then we will most likely lower prices again in the next few days. We’ll see,” Jiří Ondra, head of the Tank ONO gas station network, told Hospodářské noviny in an interview.

November 9, 2023 4:14 p.m

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The decrease is mainly due to the decrease in the price of oil on the markets. According to CCS records, a liter of petrol in the Czech Republic costs on average 38.85 crowns per litre, diesel 39.31 crowns. On Thursday, the Tank ONO chain reduced the price of diesel to 37.50 crowns. It is said that gasoline could still go down, with diesel it is not so certain, because its price will rise again during the winter.

With the arrival of the heating season, part of the diesel production will be transferred to heating oil plants. Diesel prices may also be affected by the expiring exemption of Slovnaft, which allows it to export Russian diesel products to neighboring countries. After December 5th, it will only be able to use oil for its own market. But the Czech Republic supplies 15-20 percent of its diesel consumption, which raised the question of whether there would be a shortage in the country.

However, experts say that although the company will have to replace itself with other refineries from Poland and Germany, which will be more difficult for logistics routes, no disaster is imminent.

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