NEWS: Matchday Guide vs Stoke City – News

NEWS: Matchday Guide vs Stoke City – News
NEWS: Matchday Guide vs Stoke City – News

Coventry City and the Coventry Building Society Arena are reiterating advice to supporters to take greater care when crossing the A444 Jimmy Hill Way following home games.

The Sky Blues and the Arena issued advice prior to our last home game, however there continued to be incidents and near misses following the match.

There were a number of near misses on the island of the A444, Winding House Lane and Judds Lane as supporters crossed the road without using appropriate crossing points – instead dodging vehicles on the carriageway and island.

While longer term solutions are being looked into regarding vehicle/pedestrian movement in the area after games, supporters are being urged to follow the instructions of stewards who are positioned at the crossing nearest to the roundabout.

We appreciate that the volume of supporters crossing in this area has increased and fans can use safe crossing points for the road:

  • Using the light controlled crossing near the roundabout for A444/Winding House Lane
  • Using the footbridge (overpass) over the A444, which goes to Car Park C or the other side of the A444
  • Using the underpass at the other end of Car Park B/C, and then walking back towards Winding House Lane/Hen Lane along the pedestrian footpath

While stewards are in place to manage the exit of supporters and will continue to urge supporters not to take risks when crossing the road, we urge supporters to adhere to our advice and put safety first when leaving matches – this includes not walking on roads and not moving/going over barriers, which are in place for supporter safety.

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