Luck and fatigue: Negreanu has justified a losing year and heads to the Bahamas

Luck and fatigue: Negreanu has justified a losing year and heads to the Bahamas
Luck and fatigue: Negreanu has justified a losing year and heads to the Bahamas

A few days ago, Daniel Negreanu posted on Twitter that he was having the worst tournament year of his career. He added two fundamental arguments that, according to him, caused the unfavorable results, as well as a plan to save the entire year 2023!


Daniel Negreanu is not having a successful year. He stated the reasons and the rescue plan on Twitter

The world number five on the poker all-time money list, with lifetime winnings exceeding the magical $50 million mark, $51,536,999 to be exact, is not having a year as planned. Now he has shared this fact Daniel Negreanu even with his fans.

I don’t have a specific figure yet the RealKidPoker Twitter account did not reveal. We can expect his final balance for the year 2023 in less than two months, but obviously things are not looking rosy for the Canadian poker star in this regard. Negreanu also added a clear rationale.

A lack of luck and the fact that he played too much poker are said to be behind the unsuccessful ten months so far. “As you get older, the fatigue is real. I don’t make decisions as clearly when I’m tired because I’ve played too many tournaments.” Daniel added to his confession: “When I play too often, I don’t care about a particular tournament as much as when I have longer breaks between events, I look forward to them and try harder.”

That’s why he ordered a tournament break for November, and we will probably not see him at the poker tables until December Bahamian WSOP Paradise Festival. “There will be tournaments with big buy-ins and guarantees and I need to hit something big to avoid a losing year!”

An interesting discussion was also started on Twitter under his post. Petey Harrison’s opinion can be considered a minor dig: “Maybe it’s time to introduce some animal protein into your diet.” However, Negreanu is quite clear about this when he countered: “No thanks, I want to live a long, healthy life.

“What if it’s because you can’t be in the plus in tournaments for a long time?” a more serious argument was offered by follower Gladston. “And what if I’ve been like this for over twenty years except for one year?” Daniel countered.

Daniel Negreanu wants to improve this year’s poker statistics during the WSOP Paradise in the Bahamas

As part of last year’s resume, which he managed to get into the black (+$1,625,545) thanks to the October victory in Super High Roller Bowl worth $3,312,000, Negreanu also added a plus balance over the last ten years (+$13,137,263). The only loser was 2016 with a seven-figure loss (-$1,246,693).

Negreanu, as one of the few poker pros, makes his tournament statistics available for viewing on a regular basis. This way, the public can get a true picture of how much one of the most successful players in poker history will actually win in real terms, after deducting all the buy-ins paid.

The popular Canadian skipped the ongoing European edition of the World Series in Rozvad this year to try to save 2023 at the already mentioned WSOP Paradise, which will be held from December 3 to 14 in the Bahamas. In the attached teaser, Negreanu himself beckons for a poker trip to the Caribbean, whose tournament results we will return to at the end of the year!

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