StarDance: Marek Adamczyk did not stand up for the jury! The actor also paid tribute to the Region

StarDance: Marek Adamczyk did not stand up for the jury! The actor also paid tribute to the Region
StarDance: Marek Adamczyk did not stand up for the jury! The actor also paid tribute to the Region

For Marek Adamczyk (35), StarDance is not only entertainment, but also a meeting in which the two put maximum effort and energy. Even for these reasons, the actor cannot easily take criticism from the judges. Especially when there are negative reviews from the alleged executioner Zdek Chlopek (66).

After that evening, Marek, a popular dancer, openly admitted that he was disappointed with the overall score of the jury (18 points in total), although he had a good feeling about the quickstep performed.

We did it the way we wanted, all the passes that I had problems with came out, Lenka grabbed the baby, which was again something she was afraid of, and we got the estas. Besides, we have to wait for the next transfer right away, because we don’t have Sunday off, so we’re pretty tired. Who cares, I lack motivation the actor posted on social media and added that the jury’s evaluation could not sleep.

After the last, about the fourth evening of dancing, the actor was quite satisfied. He scored 23 points with his partner Lenka Nora Nvorková. If Adamczyk did not avoid criticism even after the pre-trial period, this time he generally defended the jury.

Marek Adamczyk with his dance partner Lenka Nora Nvorková

I think that it is not at all easy to evaluate someone in half a minute and be relieved, professional, objective and personal at the same time. While Marek and Tereza can prepare for the evening and do not ask for wisdom from us, they must react in the given moment without preparation and should speak like a book, said the actor on his Instagram.

Every day without them the whole thing would not make sense and I am very glad that these fine people are sitting there and keeping us and you on your toes. That’s their role and let it go added manel snowboarder Eva Adamczykov, dve Samkov.

dy on Richard Kraj

In his comments, Marek Adamczyk added that he was surprised by the suspension of Richard Kraj (46), who, according to the Czech offices, was the worst candidate for the overall competition.

Surprised veera. I personally did not know Richard before the meeting and I was quite curious as to what he actually was. I have to say that I recognized him as a very attentive, friendly and positive boy who has his own world – in his head, in his family and in his band – which he cares about and cares about. So Richard gave me two surprises: When did I know how nice he was, and when he left us so soon after that. But apparently he’s quite fond of dancing, so you can enjoy him in motion, said Marek, who revealed to the fans that he and his dance partner will fight this Saturday.

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