The husband and wife opened a new beer hall in Klatovy, it will also reach small breweries


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At the moment, some restaurant owners are closing down price hikes, but husband and wife Markéta and Jindřich Pavlas from Klatov decided to go the other way and opened a new pub with a guest house.

New pub and guesthouse in Klatovy.
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New pub and guesthouse in Klatovy.

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“My husband inherited this house from his parents. Since he is very big, we didn’t want to be the only ones living here, and we thought about what to do with him. We originally planned to make apartments here, but in the end we decided to take a slightly riskier route and created a pub with a guest house,” said Pavlasová, who admitted that they were a little worried about starting a business like this nowadays, but they wanted to take the risk.

The Kotva pub and guesthouse is located in Denisova street. Visitors will certainly welcome the fact that there is not just one or two types of beer on tap, as in most restaurants in Klatovy. “We want to offer people six types of beer here, so they can choose, taste, and we plan to rotate the types of beer on one tap, so there will be a different one every week. In this way, we will give small breweries the opportunity to present themselves, so that they have an incoming change and can also get to know lesser-known beers. Nealka is then spun raspberry. We try to do everything in the highest quality, clean glass, chilled glasses, which the visitors appreciate,” enticed Pavlasová.

Jean Claude Van Damme with Petr Hájek.

He painted Jean-Claude Van Damme, now the painter from Klato met him

The guesthouse offers four modernly furnished rooms, two of which are still being finished. The couple has no further plans yet. “We want it to work here, we still want to have a pub with a guesthouse here, we are not planning anything else, because this is already a very big plan for us,” concluded Pavlasová.

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