Message to Russia from the United Nations. For the first time in history


The war in Ukraine has been going on for 625 days, and something unprecedented has happened at the UN. Server Ukrainian truth announced, that for the first time in history a representative of Russia was not elected to the International Court of Justice of the United Nations. The representative of Russia lost to the representative of Romania, former foreign minister Bohdan Auresk. Ukrainian international lawyer, judge of the European Court of Human Rights Mykola Hnatovsky drew attention to this. The Romanian received 177 votes, the Russian only 77.

The UN International Court of Justice consists of 15 judges and five new judges are elected every three years. Each judge represents a particular regional group of countries and must secure the support of members of the Security Council and the UN General Assembly. The UN International Court of Justice is considering several complaints by Ukraine against Russia.

Meanwhile, it seems that right on the battlefield, the Ukrainians are consolidating their positions on the eastern – Russian-occupied – bank of the Dnieper River. According to Washington’s Institute for the Study of War (ISW) The Russians moved a part of the units defending the western part of the Zaporozhye region in the vicinity of Robotyne to this area.

“The Russian command is likely to face significant problems in moving troops from other sectors of the front if the relatively combat-ineffective Russian formations and the currently disengaged Russian forces in the Kherson direction prove insufficient to respond to Ukrainian operations on the east bank of the Dnieper. The redeployment of significant elements of the 7th VDV Division or other VDV formations and units in the western Zaporozhye region would likely disrupt Russian defensive operations in the area,” the institute said, adding that the Russians may also move some of their forces from Avdijivka to Kherson, but this is inevitable, according to ISW will lead to a reduction in combat activities in the section of the front around Avdijivka. The Ukrainian command also announced that the Russians had intensified their attacks near Bakhmut. On November 8 and 9, a total of 30 Russian attacks allegedly took place here, which, according to Ukrainians, is significantly more than was usual in recent weeks.

“Geolocated footage from around November 7 shows Russian forces advancing south of the Berchivka Dam, about 3 km northwest of Bakhmut. It is unlikely that Russian forces will be able to convert offensive efforts at Bakhmut into broader and more meaningful offensive operations, as the Russian massing of forces around Bakhmut is weak and disorganized as Russian forces devote more men and material to larger offensive operations near Avdijivka and on the Kharkiv border -Luhansk Oblast,” ISW said.

And while blood flows on the front lines in Ukraine, Ukrainian teenagers are trying to live as normal as possible. Fourteen-year-old Anastasia goes to the gym in the liberated part of Kherson and lets off steam in a baggy Guns N’Roses T-shirt. She called it an “escape” from the reality of life with daily Russian strikes. Many of her classmates and their mothers have left the country, and classes are often online, and Anastasia misses contact with her peers. He says he often meets people in their forties at the gym. “Covid and war stole my youth that should have been so happy” she lamented in an interview with the Kyiv Post. “I used to think about what I wanted to wear, but now I think about how to behave under fire,” she added.

The streets of the liberated part of Kherson are mostly empty, only soldiers in camouflage are sitting in the cafes.

“I would like to finally see people. When I went to Mykolaiv for the day, I was surprised to see some life,” she said, referring to a nearby town in southern Ukraine further from the front line.

Eighteen-year-old Dima also tries to go out with friends, but he is prepared that sooner or later he will find himself in the queue. Leaving Ukraine would be a bad idea, it would be treason,” he said. He has often heard from older people that 18 is still too young, but he personally believes that because of what he has experienced since February 24, 2022, since the start of Russian aggression against Ukraine, even at 18 he knows well what life is about .

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author: Miloš Polák


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