12 h – Europe reacts negatively to Fed Powell’s words, BCPP was liquid and slightly in the red, dollar sent, oil above USD 80, gold down to USD 1950

The European stock markets were bumped during the morning and weakened uniformly in response to public comments by the Fed Powell, who said that the central bank did not think that the current set monetary policy would be able to meet the target of keeping inflation below the growth level of 2%. According to Powell, the central bank is now investigating whether it will work if the rate hike will work or if it will remain at the current external balance. According to some comments, the Fed wanted to send a signal to the markets that they were not headed in the right direction, when they took the last monetary policy decision as a promise to end the increase in interest rates as a signal of their imminent decline. The sight of such a development led to several days of consistent growth in stock markets, especially in the US.

The British economy only stagnated in the 3Q of the year due to the contraction of the service sector and the stagnation of industry.

In the course of the morning, the euro weakens against the dollar in view of the aforementioned comments from the Fed.

The koruna weakened against the euro and the dollar after a jump in domestic inflation.


Oil is trying to break above USD 80 per barrel of Brent.

Gold follows the public morning development and weakens again towards the level of around 1950 USD per troy ounce.


BCPP during unusually weak liquidation in the morning only slightly weakens. The main word is the slight sales sentiment on the EZ and domestic banks.

Prague Stock Exchange


Don’t call Course Change Volume Faith
COLT(CZG) 552.00 0.00% 0.27 million 552.00
EZ 992.00 -0.35% 23.20 million 995.50
ERSTE 827.60 0.06% 15.94 million 827.10
GEN(NORTON) 440.50 0.00% NaN million 440.50
KB 670.50 -0.37% 17.32 million 673.00
KOFOLA 270.00 0.75% 0.08 million 268.00
COIN 90.40 -0.22% 2.47 million 90.60
PHOTON 50.10 -1.96% 0.20 million 51.10
PILL 279.00 -3.13% 0.01 million 288.00
P.M 16200.00 0.12% 1.31 million 16180.00
VIG 626.00 0.16% 0.19 million 625.00
Subject: Stock Exchange 60.99 million

Shares - index PX 50 Stock Exchange.


Vladimr Urbnek

In the field” for more than 20 years. After several years of experience from trading with valuable peppers, Vladimr Urbnek for the past 15 years, he has been devoting himself to reporting from domestic and foreign capital markets.

He considers the age to be the result of experience and ability compared to the time before the last major crisis in 2008-9.

The article is in Czech

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