A dangerous domestic cat kills for fun: Will a robot attack stop her?

A dangerous domestic cat kills for fun: Will a robot attack stop her?
A dangerous domestic cat kills for fun: Will a robot attack stop her?

The domestic cat came to Australia as a pet. Over the centuries, however, it has become dangerously wild, kills even for fun, and currently this predator is responsible for the extinction of 25 animal species and directly threatens dozens of others. Will her rampage stop the onslaught of the Felixer robots?

Australia has been balancing the last few years on the brink of ecological disaster. It faces the most massive loss of mammal species of any continent in the world (more than 100 species are considered extinct or extinct in the wild), and 19 ecosystems are in imminent danger of collapse.

Massive deforestation, expansion of fields and pastures, urban sprawl, pollution, mining, global climate crisis and, last but not least, invasive species, i.e. non-native species that threaten the area’s biodiversity, are behind the collapsing environment.

Cats and rabbits are destroying Australia

There are around 3,500 invasive species on the Australian mainland and scientists believe that they are the main reason for the extinction of dozens of native animal and plant species. The destruction they caused began quietly. In the course of the 18th and 19th centuries, pigs, domestic cats and wild rabbits reached the mainland together with the settlers.

Number of animals killed each year living in Australia

The animals were purposefully bred for meat and as companions. However, over the centuries it has become a literal scourge. Wild rabbits have multiplied from the imported 24 to the current 200 million and are decimating agricultural regions.

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