PHOTO: Accident in Opava region. The cars collided while overtaking the tractor


The police in the Opava region are investigating the accident of two cars when a tractor overtook them, who are also looking for possible witnesses to the event.

Accident in Opava. Illustration video.

| Video: Milan Jasonek

The accident occurred on November 9 at 11:55 a.m. on road II. class number 461 at 6.5 km in the village of Kylešovice. “On the basis of the information obtained, it follows that the driver of the Volvo vehicle was driving along the indicated road in the direction of travel from the local part of Komárov to the local part of Kylešovice, when she should have started overtaking an unidentified tractor-trailer combination, when at the same time she should have been overtaken by a Seat Leon car, ” says police spokesperson Eva Michalíková for Deník.

Repairs to road I/56 in the Opava region in the Velké Hoštice - Kravaře section will begin on Monday, November 13, 2023.

Drivers, watch out for restrictions. Road repair will begin in the Opava region and will last two months

As a result, the right front part of the Seat collided with the left side of the Volvo, when the Seat ended up in a ditch as a result of the collision. There were no injuries in the traffic accident, the breath test of both drivers was negative.

We are looking for not only a tractor driver

Police officers from the Opava traffic inspectorate are investigating the circumstances and causes of this traffic accident. They investigate the course of the accident and, in connection with this, contact any witnesses who were at the specified place at the given time.

Confectioner Lucie Poustková in her factory in Hradec nad Moravicí.

The cakes of the confectioner from Opava region were enchanting. They also decorate them with cones, flowers or grass

“Police officers are asking drivers of vehicles who were passing through the area at the time, and their vehicle may have an on-board camera, to contact the emergency line 158. In particular, they are asking the driver of the still-unidentified tractor-trailer combination to report himself to the emergency line 158 ” added the police spokeswoman.


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