Electric Opel Astra has Czech prices! It is not cheap, but you can equip it as an executive sedan – AutoRevue.cz

Electric Opel Astra has Czech prices! It is not cheap, but you can equip it as an executive sedan – AutoRevue.cz
Electric Opel Astra has Czech prices! It is not cheap, but you can equip it as an executive sedan – AutoRevue.cz

The Opel Astra is one of the few hatchbacks with an extremely wide choice of drives. You can have a classic hatchback with a petrol 1200 with 81 kW or a 1.5 CDTi diesel with 96 kW. There are also plug-in hybrids with outputs of 133 and 165 kW. To fully cover different preferences, the offer is rounded off by an electric version.

With a price tag of CZK 1,259,990, this is clearly the most expensive, and since it is only available in GS equipment, you don’t have much choice. For comparison, the most powerful plug-in hybrid starts at 1,209,990 CZK, you can buy a diesel in the basic Edition from 719,990 CZK and the petrol version starts at 599,990 CZK. True, there is now an action reducing the amount to 1,099,990 CZK for an electric car, but this may not be the rule.

On the other hand, you get a fully equipped hatchback where you don’t have to worry about anything. The bodywork is painted in Kult yellow metallic as standard, white is for an extra charge of CZK 7,000, other metallics will cost you CZK 16,000, and the desire for pearl blue will cost you CZK 20,000. Cast 18-inch wheels are standard, as are tinted glass, a contrasting black roof, black moldings and a set of LED front and rear lights.

There’s even more waiting for you inside. After keyless entry and start-up, you will find a height- and longitudinally adjustable steering wheel upholstered in perforated leather, additionally with heating. The ergonomic seats are also heated and the armrests come in handy. Drink holders in the front and back and dual-zone air conditioning will please you during long journeys. Astra is also a winner in the field of digitization. The instrument panel and infotainment have the same diagonal of 10 inches. You can look forward to digital radio reception, handsfree and smartphone mirroring.

Then there is a long list of assistants that make driving easier. You will probably use the front and rear sensors supplemented by a panoramic camera system, a rain sensor, automatic headlight switching, fog lights and adaptive cruise control the most. On the contrary, we hope that you will need the active anti-collision assistant, smart stabilization and airbags as little as possible. Of course, there are many more comfort and safety features. In short, the electric Astra is very well equipped.

If you are demanding, you can pay an extra 20,000 CZK for exclusive seats, 18,000 CZK for a multimedia device with navigation and 9,000 CZK for an alarm. A number of highly comfortable elements are grouped into packages. For example, a smart air conditioner with a heated windshield and a panoramic sunroof costs CZK 35,000. A set with a wireless charger, IntelliLux LED Pixel headlights and driving assistants costs CZK 40,000. Virtually all luxury elements, including autonomous driving systems, are combined with the GS Infotainment Package for CZK 65,000.

The electric version has an electric motor with a power of 115 kW supplemented by a 54 kWh battery for a range of 418 km. The ability to tow a trailer is nice, that is, if you order a towing device for 16,000 CZK.

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