We repeatedly urge pedestrians and drivers to exercise caution

We repeatedly urge pedestrians and drivers to exercise caution
We repeatedly urge pedestrians and drivers to exercise caution

Police of the Czech Republic – KŘP Liberec region

DISTRICT/ČESKOLIPSKO – Yesterday, police officers in Českolipsko dealt with three traffic accidents involving pedestrians during the day.

For the second time this week, we are calling on pedestrians and drivers to exercise caution. Today we are led to this by the fact that yesterday during the day we solved three traffic accidents involving pedestrians in Českolipsk alone – two directly in Česká Lípa and one in Zákupy.

The traffic police went to the first traffic accident in the morning, shortly after half past eight, to the elementary school in Purkyňova Street in Česká Lípa. In this street, a minor girl decided to cross the road outside the pedestrian crossing and did not look properly, and moreover, she slipped on the wet road and hit the side of a passing Škoda Octavia vehicle. The girl suffered an injury during this collision, with which she was taken to a hospital in Českolip for treatment.

The second traffic accident also happened in Česká Lípa, at five minutes after half past one in the afternoon at the pedestrian crossing in Roháče z Dubé Street. The driver of the Peugeot 207 was driving in the direction from Okružní Street to Českokamenická Street, where allegedly due to glare from the sun, she missed a pedestrian crossing the pedestrian crossing, who was crossing the road in the direction from the restaurant to the city park. After the collision with the vehicle, the pedestrian suffered injuries, with which paramedics also took her to the Českolip hospital.

The police went to Zákup for the third traffic accident involving a pedestrian in the afternoon, shortly before 3:00 p.m. At that time, the driver of the Kia Sportage was driving along second-class road No. 268 in the direction from Mimoňská Street to Náměstí Svobody, where, while turning left into the parking lot at the Czech Post Office, he overlooked a woman who was crossing the road in Nádražní Street, also in the direction of the Czech Post Office. This pedestrian also ended up injured in a hospital in Česká Lípa after a subsequent collision with a vehicle.

The nature of the injuries and their healing times are the subject of an ongoing investigation. The police always ruled out the presence of alcohol in all the adult participants in the mentioned traffic accidents by conducting breath tests on the spot, which had negative results. Police officers from the Traffic Inspectorate in Česká Lípa continue to investigate all the circumstances of the aforementioned accidents.

Considering the above facts, we can state what is almost the rule in collisions between vehicles and pedestrians. Such collisions with vehicles are very painful for pedestrians, unfortunately in some cases even tragic. That is why we repeatedly call on all pedestrians to behave in road traffic knowing that they are indeed the most vulnerable. They always preferred to wait a while and not try to cross the road at all costs, whether it is after the pedestrian crossing or outside it. Of course, in this context, we strongly ask all drivers to increase their attention and caution behind the wheel. Try to anticipate certain situations so that you can respond to them in time. Pedestrians and drivers, taking extra care in road traffic will definitely pay off for all of you!

for example Dagmar Sochorová
press spokesperson, KŘP Liberec region

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