4 thousand in the oven. Polish prices of appliances are unbearable



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Many people no longer go shopping in Poland only with the aim of weekly grocery shopping and filling up a full tank – many Czechs already go to the neighboring country for building materials or furniture, but recently people have also started to exchange tips on buying some household appliances cheaply . “Shower faucet, hood, heating ladder, even a toilet bowl,” it’s spreading on social media that you can save on everything if you go shopping to our neighbors to the north.

ParlamentníListy.cz is convinced that you can get not only such equipment cheaper when furnishing an apartment in Poland. You will not make a mistake even if you decide to purchase household appliances in a neighboring country when purchasing sanitary and technical equipment. First of all, kitchen equipment will cost several thousands cheaper there than in the Czech Republic.

For example, let’s outline the fitting out of a new kitchen in which we want to buy a built-in oven. For example, we offer the Whirlpool OMSK58CU1SB energy class A+ oven, which also offers steam cooking functions or programs for baking pizza or bread.

In the Czech Republic, most people, when planning individual stores, will “see” them online in advance with the help of comparison portals such as Heureka.cz – it follows that this oven is sold in Czech stores from 10,990 crowns.

From the comparison that you can make again on the Polish equivalent of the Czech Heureka before buying in Poland – portal Ceneo.pl, it follows that in a neighboring country the same oven is sold for 1,800 zlotys, which translates to 9,980 CZK. And the thousand is at home right away.

This is not the only example. The Electrolux EOE5C71Z SenseCook oven with rapid heating function is available on the Czech mutation portal allegro for CZK 10,593.

In Poland, you can already save two thousands with this oven, as it costs 1,539 zlotys, i.e. approximately 8,533 crowns

Sometimes the differences are even more noticeable. The Bosch HBA5560S0 oven is currently available in the Czech Republic for 14,940 CZK, but in Poland you can get it for under 1,900 zlotys and pay around 10,500 crowns.

And the price difference is also for cheaper appliances. The electric oven with 10 functions Amica EB7541D FINE is a cost-effective option with a price tag in the Czech Republic starting at 5,411 crowns, but in Poland the price of this oven starts at less than 900 zlotys, i.e. at a price of approximately 4,980 crowns.

In the case of this purchase, the question of a few hundreds is probably nothing that would directly compel someone to buy in Poland, but if you are purchasing several appliances for a new kitchen, why not save the extra few hundred.

Separate stoves with an oven are also cheaper. You can find the Beko FSG52020FX gas stove in the Czech Republic for 7,533 crowns. In Poland already for 1,199 zlotys, i.e. approximately CZK 6,644.

It is already worth going to Poland even for microwaves. The Sharp YC-QS204AE-B microwave oven with new technology without a turntable with a power of 800 W can be purchased in the Czech Republic for CZK 3,429, which is almost a thousand crowns more than what you can get such a microwave for in Polish stores – it can also be purchased in them for the equivalent of 2,587 crowns.

And it probably won’t come as a surprise that you’ll save a lot of money when buying a dishwasher. The Whirlpool WFO3T133PFX freestanding dishwasher for 14 sets of dishes with 10 washing programs is available from us at the cheapest price in Datart from CZK 10,790. And in Poland? Prices there start at 1,684 zlotys, which is approximately 9,330 crowns.

However, it can be worse, and if you recently bought a dishwasher in the Czech Republic, you better not even look at how much you would have saved if you had bought it in one of the Polish stores. Especially for the more expensive pieces, it is a lot of money in crowns.

The Beko BDFN 36650 XC dishwasher with 11 programs, low noise and size for up to 16 sets of dishes can usually be purchased in the Czech Republic for less than 18,000, while the cheapest price is 16,990 CZK from Elektro Planeo. If you do, however, you will only be left with teary eyes when compared to the price in Poland – because there the price of a completely identical dishwasher starts at 2,149 zlotys, which is approximately 11,908 crowns.

The difference between the cheapest Czech and Polish offers is over 5 thousand crowns for this dishwasher. And if you buy several appliances at the same time in Poland, you can save up to tens of thousands of dollars compared to the Czech Republic.

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author: Radek Kotas

The article is in Czech

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