Advisors, take note. Expand your portfolio and help clients in urgent situations

Any good financial advisor will make sure that their clients get a real financial escape.

But there are also other challenges, not only setting the most profitable investments, a safe and reliable loan and choosing a suitable loan.

If the situation does not fulfill the hunter, his life will change radically.

A good financial advisor can help with them.

These are cases when the hunter is injured, you in traffic accidents and in the act of employment.

And in the worst situation, when people lose their loved ones, or with permanently devastating consequences.

life turns upside down.

People are completely incapable of doing things, they have a load of obligations, they are just sad and paralyzed by loss, so much so that they do not even have the capacity to do such an important thing as the code.

First, for compensation, the idiot got injured and stayed for a year. And bv is high, once at work even after accidents, it reaches an average of a million crowns. m are the consequences of the mountains, there the water grows.

Just to make sure that the cell I have a problem with, please get the experts involved.

Without them, the people will only recover a fraction of what they have, the bottom line is ignorance of the procedure, disbelief in justice, stress, but also fear of the fact that as individuals, he went to great prisons.

At such a time, financial advisors can help.

They will know who to recommend in such a life situation. Vindicia has a 90% chance of a fair refund. Its experts are based on modern methodologies for assessing health consequences and know all the tricks of scammers and dishonest employees. We can devalue the initial assessment from the insurance company, which will charge the client 45,000 crowns, and take out a total of not more than a million.

In addition, with Vindicia, there is no risk for clients, the company will reward you without any risk. If nothing comes out, clients don’t pay anything.

The entire case is out of court, so clients do not have to constantly go to court.

What does such cooperation mean for the advisor?

Different portfolios and more situations, in which they can advise the client especially in times when there is a real crisis with the family and every help is triple valuable.

Let’s think of you with a financial reward.

Don’t forget that the possibility of compensation means you and hundreds of thousands, which you can invest and evaluate in your client’s time. Get his door, a great reference, new orders. And if the consultant has an appropriately set commercial deductible, in the case of a high deductible from a private insurance policy, the consultant will use both his quality and the coverage of the deductible. A good consultant who works with them, uses the code as given by the source, it is recommended, as a new one, it opens doors to companies and the like,
to Tom Beck of Vindicia.

Did it interest you?

Contact them, let’s agree on what we can do for you.

We understand the range of situations in which you can help your clients, improve your knowledge, and the financial conditions are so attractive to our female colleagues.

In the great competition that prevails on the market, you will be the clear choice for clients.

The phone number is +420 605 921 823, email [email protected].

Tom Beck

Tom Beck (34) studied history and archeology at the South University, then the foundations of the first and security studies at the Cevro Institute, where he then completed his postgraduate studies. For a functioning Vindicia, he drew from the principles of Western Europe. Adhere to the rule that pay first for all, for small and large.


The Czech company Vindicia is committed to fair compensation after traffic accidents, work accidents, bicycle accidents and negligent foot care. In this way, he can ensure adequate payment from the insurance in the event that insurance companies refuse to pay. Vindicia has experts who follow methodologies that are appropriate for the client. Its capacity is therefore 90%.

And what is the longest? If vm Vindicia does not withdraw the pension, do not pay anything. There are no entrance fees on the day, Vindicia only collects the reward after the reception. So you risk nothing. It is worth fighting for compensation, the average compensation for a traffic accident always reached a million crowns!

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