Budjovice is not dead tm. Friction for peace in the club and Horov end


What is the current biggest problem with it?
The worst is when you don’t leave the ticket behind. Then you can’t win. Let’s not take it because the games are out of shape. But it had little effect on Sparta and Liberec. Everything was fine with Pardubice. We also assessed that the players were worried about their safety and did not take it to heart. We were bound. It is up to us to prepare them as best as possible for the match with Teplice.

It will be the same for you with Teplice as with Pardubice. What are you going to do differently to get the game going this time?
That’s a good point. In previous matches at home with Bohemians, Jablonec or Karvina, we showed that we can handle it. We lost the last time in Liberec, but the progress of the games was positive. We saw a big shift in how guys fought, how they communicated with each other. When we carry it into the matches with Teplice, we will have one thing.

Do you know in the first minutes what the rescue will look like?
Both when. Sometimes it will develop and you will be saved. But Pardubice and I knew right away that it was bad. In Liberec, on the other hand, we respected energy.

In Liberec, you played well, but again, mainly for the vpno. Do you and hri realize this?
Dec. We have evaluated, assembled and show it on video. You have to take responsibility, you have to be taken away. We had the opportunity to legislate, but we chose to go crazy. It wants to be as hungry as Luk Havel. When he goes to VPN, he goes to dt gl. We are working on that.

In these moments, her self-confidence is shown? Who is fine, allow yourself a doorknob, make a bed. Who doesn’t, I’d better step aside and get rid of the responsibility.
Sure, what does it show. But we didn’t have a full law. We just don’t hit the bar, we are rash in the law, or on the contrary we will do it. It’s about the typology of games, what they have learned, and we try to use them a little.

Wasn’t the line-up too defensive in the last match with five defenders and strong winger Michal Hubenko?
I don’t think so. It is always necessary to hit the lineup, for each save we have cl. We felt that, from a tactical point of view, we beat Liberec in probably the best way of the season. Even the players thought that we surprised the soup, he didn’t know what to do. And we missed a bit for gl Jirky Skalka to pay and we were leading. We saw that it was about one guy and we got him unfortunately. Tko ct, if offside or not. It happens every day, and most of the time we don’t have a calibrated hand that can measure it accurately. It works elsewhere in the world, it can’t just be a big pension. MN: I also wouldn’t say that the lineup was defensive. We were at my place, we wanted to eat. That was our strategy. He opened up his defense and in the second half there he gave his first game to the tired defender. Alli and Quadri Adediran were ready, Samuel Igut was supposed to go there, but he got injured on the shin.

You need a win against Teplice at home. Will the line-up be offensive?
We don’t look at it that way at all. We want to impose our game on the opponent. We will be playing soupee combined football. If Alli or Quadri are there, not bad. Vichni have their own quality and form, we will decide accordingly, also with regard to soupee.

The first Quadri Adediran was a hit a few weeks ago, Slavia was the talk of the town. But since then, he has suffered.
No form. When it comes to a hit, get there. Horrible wants to take it upon himself, loses me a lot, fights with opponents, changed something at the corner flags. We don’t want that from us. And he plays me, he runs away, he goes to the prison, there is danger. MN: That Slavia could mess with his head. He is a young man. But it’s not like he stopped working. Sp couldn’t take it mentally that much.

The worst is when you don’t leave the ticket behind. Then you can’t win. Let’s not take it because the games are out of shape.

Tom Zpoton

According to the leader, your position is so strong that, given the results, it is not in the esk bn. Do you know that?
It’s supportive. We know how long it will take, how we will bring in reinforcements, how we will connect things with the academy. We drive the same length and we don’t pass things around. It is better for us that we are not under such concrete pressure, but we all know that we need results.

ekte for one successful result?
The most important thing is that it plays below what we do. If you were to say that it is dead, then you will be a skeptic. I loved it after the point in Zln and the road with Karvina. But we didn’t start, so let’s just focus on the past. Let us know how we are doing. But we are not dead.

In the last week, the experienced member Jakub Hora passed away in the dark. How was it from your point of view?
It was simple. We agreed with the leader on such a measure. We called Kuba and told him about it. He respected it professionally. He’s not fired, it’s up to him to agree on the termination of the contract. I’m not going to speculate whether he was to blame or not. Football is a pin, I put it in curry.

Radim Breite from Olomouc (left) and Qadri Adebayo Adediran from esk Budjovice.

But did you want him as a litter?
When he would be here, let’s build on him. But always bad for the strategy of the whole club. I personally don’t have a problem with him, it’s in the past.

Did it fulfill its function and was it an impulse for the cabin?
It’s not yet known. You seemed interested in that, but the consequences of mistakes.
TC: When you throw out a game or a coach, it always has to have some kind of impulse. Take a look at Broa ervenka in Zln (new after the dismissal of Pavel Vrbo), how long has it been? But what will be long, that’s uke and as.

Didn’t Zln produce results last week?
I don’t look at others at all. I don’t care about evil or even darkness. I worry about our consequences. I don’t follow who plays how, who beat who. Vichni take each other’s points, it’s even. I’m rd, we don’t panic at the club, on the contrary, we communicate. They are member and request interviews.

Dynamo fans are excited. Do you feel it?
Yeah. I don’t mind if it’s on me. I don’t mind if it’s my family’s words. It is sad that even the owner Dr. Koubek heard this. He puts a lot of money into it, and people don’t realize what’s behind it. They go to training, that’s normal.

We lost the last time in Liberec, but the progress of the games was positive. We saw a big shift in how guys fought, how they communicated with each other.

Marek Nikl

Are you filling in breaks for winter training?
Sure. You have to go now, it would be too late at the end of autumn. We continue in the darkness, it cannot be overcome in half a year, in a year. No one is irreplaceable.

What about Alli. Would you be able to replace it?
We are preparing for various variants. He will be with us until the end of the season, but how long he will be is not in our hands. We know it’s possible and we’ll go for it.

Filip Kubala from Ostrava in a fight with Jakub Hora (23) and Jan Such (10) from Budjovice

We are talking about young players from the academy involved. Potte with tm?
Urite. We would like to play them, but we would need a slightly better situation for that. But with that we are in the li club to help connect the academy with kem.

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