Are you mentally aging? 4 things mentally young people do differently


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It’s not about age! Not even about the perfect diet and hours spent in the gym. Even though people are mentally young and fresh, they often engage in some kind of sport even in their retirement age, they do not overeat and so on. Our attitude towards life and our mental attitude are key. Although aging is a natural process in current conditions, there are huge differences between people precisely in their gradual psychological decline or, on the contrary, the development of the spirit. What four factors are at play?


If anything prolongs life, it is clearly if we have something to live for. When we love our garden; we are passionate about a hobby, or in our eighties we travel around the world’s universities lecturing on our beloved economics (or botany).

On the other hand nothing depresses a person like apathy, lack of interest; a sense of loss of all meaning; when everything stops being fun for us. By the way, the loss of meaning – not to mention a more severe depression – is something that should be addressed with a specialist. And with that comes another point…


It is natural for a human being to be curious and learn new things. To be, as it were, fluid, open, unossified. On the contrary, one of the worst things that can happen to a person is that they think they already know everything. Very often I come across how people say: “I don’t go to seminars anymore; I no longer read – I am already aware”. This speaks of pride rather than wisdom and developed consciousness.

Lately it is also funny for me to observe that often those who are most convinced of their truth and infallibility are often the most wrong. After all, they will not learn, research, verify or test new things at any cost – they already know.

To maintain mental youth do things differently as often as possible, but also try to see anew what is the same every day and immutable. Never don’t fall for the stereotype and routine. A blooming sunflower in a flower bed can make us ordinary, or we can enjoy it (newly) every day and be grateful for its beauty.

The same applies to people and activities. The best approach is constant vigilance: today the most spectacular thing in our life can happen – we can meet a fateful person or see a breathtaking scene outside the window. It just wants to be open to all potential, new possibilities…


Here’s another simple test: Do you see the world mostly positively or negatively? Are you excited about life in general? It’s not about building castles in the air and not seeing reality, but o the ability to choose the meaningful from reality, valuable – that which awakens life in us. You know it yourself:

Older people often complain a lot – and small children rejoice.

A person who is able to see beauty even in ordinary or difficult things is (regardless of his age) young to me.


As the sages say, “panta rhei” = everything flows. Things change, relationships end, people die. it’s about don’t get stuck in the past. At the same time, it is quite natural that it happens to us sometimes. It’s just a sign that we’re getting older. Whenever we compare (with the past) or whenever we remember the “good old days”.

It’s wonderful to have memories. However, just the expression “the good old days” means non-acceptance of the present, dissatisfaction, defiance.

A person is young when he can adapt and respond flexibly to changes – making new friends and having great moments: and therefore not to remember them only in the past.

love for nature love for people

Thus I wish each of us openness, passion for life, the ability to see in everything and in every beauty and last but not least, fulfilling relationships. It is relationships that revive us and can awaken the most precious essence in us – love.

Jiří Hamerský
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