Death of tourists in Egypt: According to Dominik, they could have been poisoned by pest control


The tragic death occurred in August 2018 in Hurghada, Egypt, where the Coopers had gone to spend a pleasant summer together with their daughter and granddaughters. But instead of an idyll, they were met by a family tragedy. John died of heart failure right at the hotel and Susan later in a local hospital. The health of the couple was previously very good according to their relatives. None of the doctors knew what caused the death.

Thanks to the new testimony, the investigation could start anew. A German tourist who lived right next to the room of the deceased couple at the time of the tragedy stated in his statement that he found bedbugs in his room. The man alerted the hotel staff to this circumstance, who immediately disinfected the apartment with a pesticide.

“The three men were in our room for about ten minutes. I then saw them tape the room shut. But I wouldn’t say they did their job professionally,” quotes the German newspaper Dail Mail.

The product can be life-threatening in high concentrations. Relatives of the deceased couple said that the couple turned on the air conditioning in the apartment for the first time that day. This could have spread the substance around the room considerably. The Coopers’ granddaughter, Molly, went on to say that she smelled a strange smell in the air. “The air in the room smelled of pasta. Grandma sprayed perfume everywhere and then we got ready and went to tea.’

The day continued as if nothing had happened. Each of the family had their own agenda and there was no indication of what was to come. Susan went to bed earlier than her husband. Granddaughter Molly also slept in the room, but then went to her mother’s apartment because she felt sick. John also went to bed after midnight. The next morning they were both very sick. Their daughter then confided in authorities that Susan and John suddenly looked very ill.

Their health suddenly deteriorated drastically overnight and John died while still at the hotel. Doctors there could not determine the cause of the man’s death. Meanwhile, Susan was taken to the hospital, where she died a few hours later. Molly then saw the staff taking the wrapped air conditioner out of the room.

An idyllic family vacation turned into a nightmare: The mysterious death of a British couple may have been caused by a poisonous pesticide!

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