The memorial linden tree in Semice was damaged by a strong wind. But apparently she will manage to save herself


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Author: city of Písek

11/10/2023 2:20 p.m

PÍSEK – At the beginning of October, a strong wind destroyed the crown of the Semiká linden, which broke off in the lower part and fell into the street. The memorial tree lost three quarters of its height. This week, the roughly 350 to 400-year-old linden tree was expertly pruned by an arborist, giving the tree a chance to continue growing.

Author: city of Písek

“Initially, it was not clear how much the remaining branches and the damaged trunk would need to be reduced. Arborists assessed the linden tree and there was a threat that only the trunk of the tree, with a total height of two to two and a half meters above the ground, would be left. In the end, it was not necessary to proceed with such a fundamental felling, and the remaining branches just had to be shortened, in order to stabilize the entire tree. The trunk was cleaned at the point of break-off and thus remained without the proposed drastic intervention,” described urban green coordinator Ondřej Kofroň.

Given that many young branches were preserved in the linden after the windstorm, it can be assumed that it will still be vital in the following year and will thus form a new secondary crown. Thanks to this, it could be preserved for at least a few more years. However, according to Kofron, the Semik linden is attacked by wood-rotting fungi in some places, which have caused a violation of the strength of the wood, and therefore it will be important to monitor it and treat the newly planted crown regularly.

Author: Monika Prokýšková

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