The Prague representative suspects the government of a war crime against the Palestinians. A wild imagination, I guess

The Prague representative suspects the government of a war crime against the Palestinians. A wild imagination, I guess
The Prague representative suspects the government of a war crime against the Palestinians. A wild imagination, I guess

OPINION / Politician Pavel Čižinský, former mayor of Prague 1, calls on law enforcement authorities to investigate his suspicions. This refers to the alleged participation of the Czech government in the relocation of Palestinians from Gaza to Egypt. This is a truly bizarre act by Mr. Čižinski.

“For about a week now, I have been reading in the media that the Czech government tried to push through the EU to expel the Palestinians from Gaza. For Israel to ‘solve’ the problem with Hamas by driving 2.3 million people into the Sinai desert in Egypt. The Czech government did not deny it. This is unacceptable. Not just legally. But also legally. Not only international law, but also our criminal code clearly states that expelling people is a crime. A war crime. And even just preparing to expel people is a crime. Period!” writes Pavel Čižinský on his Facebook page.

Mr. Čižinski’s remarkable conclusions have already attracted attention on social networks.

The former mayor of Prague 1 then announces that it is necessary to shine a light on our government.

“The international law of war applies precisely in times of war. And if Israel violates or plans to violate international law in the war with Hamas, it is illegal. And unfortunately, the Czech government no longer condemns this. On the contrary, there are reports in the media that she supports it. That she is helping the Israeli government in this… And my concerns arising from media reports, namely that the Czech government was preparing (or is still preparing) the expulsion of millions of Palestinians, I submit to the Czech law enforcement authorities to consider whether they too will not condemn it,” he says politicians the consequences of their media monitoring.

When we look for who is proposing some “transfers of Palestinians” in our country, we first come across ex-president Miloš Zeman.

“Palestine already has its own state, that state is called Jordan. Here you have a huge area in Jordan, but mainly in Saudi Arabia, which needs to be irrigated. The Israelites flooded the desert. Why wouldn’t the Palestinians do the same in these empty spaces?” Zeman let himself be heard on Nova.

Čižínský claims in his announcement that “a) the government of the State of Israel is preparing (at least as one of the alternatives) the expulsion of (all) Palestinians from Gaza to Egypt, and b) the Czech government identifies with this plan of his and (diplomatically) helps Israel to implement this plan within the EU.”

We can already see how the District Attorney’s Office for Prague 1 in Lazarská Street will investigate such a fog, and a brave Czech investigator is interrogating Czech and Israeli witnesses and trying to find some paper that would confirm Čižinsky’s suspicions. Apparently, it would be necessary for Benjamin Netanyahu to appear for questioning and then he should receive the message immediately to buy time for it. He would have to wait in line, because a crowd of European diplomats would arrive, and the investigator would probably ask for a longer leave after hearing lengthy messages in hackneyed diplomatic speech. Since the report is filed regarding “unknown offenders”, the investigation would probably last until the last gasoline cars stop running.

In short, it’s all nonsense.

However, Pavel Čižinský has had a specific vision of the world for a long time. For example, in 2011 he spoke at a demonstration and told which of our politicians reminded him of Stalin.

“When I see Messrs. Schwarzenberg, Nečas, John, Nečas or Klaus, when I see them and especially when I hear them, I think of one man, Stalin. Not that our right-wing politicians commit such heinous crimes as Stalin. Fortunately, they do not have the power to torture and imprison in concentration camps, they just lie and steal. Not even each other. Fortunately, they can no longer construct monster trials and execute themselves. Today, they just record themselves on dictaphones and mystify and then resign, or rather they don’t resign, unfortunately,” Čižínský discovered.

From the left side of the political spectrum, probably nobody reminded him of Stalin.

The biggest problem of the Palestinians today is not that someone wants to evict them, leaving aside the calls for their evacuation, but that no one wants them in their territory. It is not clear who Pavel Čižinský wanted to impress with his idea.

The article is in Czech

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