Trip tip: Aichelburg Castle commemorates the fate of the count, who voluntarily chose death


In honor of some of us, memorial plaques or statues are carved into stone. However, Count Berthold Aichelburg, an important Krkonoše patron living in the 19th century, received the entire castle. It is still hiding in the woods near Horní Maršov and can be visited by anyone who finds enough determination.

Today, Berthold Maria Johann Anton Franz Daniel, Count of Aichelburg is known as a good householder who, after his unsuccessful law studies in Prague and a two-year military career, began managing the Horní Maršov estate in 1847, which was previously done by his father. Under Berthold’s leadership, a district court was established in Maršov, a sawmill and a spinning mill in nearby Temné Dol.

However, Berthold was not only a capable householder. He also loved social life, music and theatre. And even so much so that he had a theater hall built in his brewery, in which he spent long hours. However, this pastime did not please his wife, who quarreled with him, and Berthold subsequently committed suicide. He used a pistol on her, which he received as a gift from his wife.

What exactly the couple said to each other in 1861, we can only argue today. However, it is clear that at least his subjects liked their master. Two years after his death, the staff of the forest administration built a stone castle on the forest slope of Světlá hora, which was named Aichelburg in honor of the count.

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The castle stands in a difficult terrain, which is why tourists didn’t come here much before


The artistic ruin was supposed to be a place for tourists, but the unfavorable location caused the restaurant established here to close very soon. After the pipe that brought water to the site was damaged, it was never repaired and the whole place began to fall into disrepair. The forest castle thus began to change from a romantic artificial ruin to a real one.

People came here less and less due to various forest disasters and the danger of avalanches. At the beginning of the 20th century, only the perimeter walls remained of Aichelburg, and a few decades later it also got its name, when it began to be marked on maps simply as a castle. Still, his fate was not completely sealed.

“Thanks to the Aichelburg Castle Society, which was founded in 1995, the castle was restored and opened to the public in 2000. The interior, where the restored bust of the count is located, is permanently locked, but you can borrow a set of keys to the castle at the Veselý vylet information center in Temné Dol, during the season from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. They will lend you the keys after presenting your identity card, signing in the visitor’s book, paying the entrance fee and making a deposit.” by travel app Placehunter. And we’ll just add that it’s good to prepare for a confrontation with Berthold’s wife.

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