Julia Louis-Dreyfusov: One day Emmy Award, another day cancer

Julia Louis-Dreyfusov: One day Emmy Award, another day cancer
Julia Louis-Dreyfusov: One day Emmy Award, another day cancer

It started the day after she received her 100th Emmy Award, first for the main role in the series Viceprezidenta. That’s when he called me and told me that he had breast cancer.

I drank like it was written. I had the feeling that it was some kind of funny black comedy, and I didn’t care, I started screaming hysterically, Louis-Dreyfusov recalled.

Pirozen immediately began to take his own life and his outlook on human mortality changed. this guy just doesn’t sweat, as far as he is concerned, it’s a bit of human arrogance. But it is clear that it will happen once, she said in an interview with the WSJ magazine. I found that I began to be aware of it. Not that I thought about it in one piece, but I’m just thinking about it.

In the end, the actress was definitively searched for her body in June 2018, when she underwent a double mastectomy and six rounds of chemotherapy. A positive outlook on life has remained ever since.

I’m just happy that I’m still here, she declared in an interview for People magazine. I think I remember everything. And don’t sleep on it in my dreams, so that if I don’t let stress enter my mind. And that’s a good thing, because stress takes a toll on everyone. It’s just a matter of how it affects me, he explains.

In the end, she confessed that she set a relaxed outlook on life as her personal goal after her experience with cancer. Some people say that I got the cancer because of stress, but it doesn’t hurt every day, and it didn’t hurt either, she said. So I’m just going to focus on enjoying my life as much as possible.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus at the 2017 Emmy Awards:

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