Adam Kajumi exclusive on the case of the OnlyFans twerkyn: Think someone led her to it

Adam Kajumi exclusive on the case of the OnlyFans twerkyn: Think someone led her to it
Adam Kajumi exclusive on the case of the OnlyFans twerkyn: Think someone led her to it

The fame of the influencer will be very fleeting. Some people don’t use their reach to the full and they fall into oblivion for a while. Others go all out in their influencer career and often develop it into other areas of business. Such a very well-known entrepreneur among influencers is, for example, Adam Kajumi. Due to his business, he soon got into a controversial case with the OnlyFans company. Even the fire of sharp criticism on him remained calm. According to him, he lost only one.

OnlyFans creator Chloe Heart recently shared her experience with Kajumi on her TikTok. She declared him a belter who was supposed to take care of his profile, write off subscribers and take a penny from his hair. Adam Kajumi is a bastard and I am his obt. I didn’t make this video for visibility, but to help the other girls he picked up on, she said in her video. At that meeting, he promises that you will be a TikTok star, that he started OnlyFans, but then prepare a contract, she added.

After the release of the first video, the actress started visiting various podcasts, interviews and spoke about the case whenever possible. It seemed as if the whole case was lived mainly for the sake of viewership and went to bed. However, it is interesting that she has now withdrawn from the Internet. You can’t find her followers either on Instagram or TikTok.

Everyone printed what she said, but no one said that she deleted all those videos from social media. You won’t find that anywhere to Kajumi for the editors of We challenged her first, and she laughs, and she says: “I’m going to fall.” Then she probably hired a lawyer who advised her to delete it all, complements

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According to Kajumi, that’s the way it is, mainly about getting attention and following the steps. I think that the maiden has decided that she wants vc. She decided to do it in this way, which I think is completely stupid. I’m sorry, we were friends to Kayumi. That’s what I did to Mr. Kotler, remember the Kajumi case, when tvrkyn called in an interview with influencer Marko Datl Valek and Jaroslav Kotlr. There she said that Kotlr had to give himself cocaine before the press conference of the fights of the Clash of the Stars organization because of nervousness.

Even the dog Kajumi feels sorry for her. It’s really summer for me, because it’s not entirely from her head. Someone advised him. I saw the labels and I know her, she wouldn’t write it like that k. However, I have no proof of this, so keep the name of the person who, according to him, led her to this point to yourself.

Kajumi can be known as a very active entrepreneur. Firm for helping, for example, foreign companies to reach the Czech market. A client comes, you from Portugal, and says: “hey, we’d like to do business here with a service.” explains. He mainly helps them promote their product with the help of social media, links, and even provides them with copywriting. One such client, however, did not pay Kajumi half of the fee contracts, so he went to court. We paid for the services, which was for two hundred. He paid the first hundred, and that was the deposit, and the second he did not, complements As a result, the entire court ended up in court, which for the time being, Kajumi won without jurisdiction.

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The hardest time in the business for him was during the coronavirus. The worst time for business was covid, because in general no one wanted to leave, Kajumi explains. Since he managed to adapt to the crisis at that time quite quickly, he was not particularly in the days of great losses. According to Kajumi, it is a great folly to cut it on one card. I’m mainly talking about influencers who fell asleep on the bed of their fleeting fame and didn’t develop their business. Urit is good not to think that he is an influencer, especially in such a small country. If that’s the only card you’re looking for, then they should think twice, because the promise is fleeting. to Kayumi.

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