Russia: Singer Shaman simulated the explosion of a nuclear bomb at a concert!


Jaroslav Dronov openly supports the war in Ukraine and often performs in the territory occupied by Russia. The 31-year-old singer, who calls himself Shaman, is Putin’s propagandist and favorite.

He recently sang at a concert that was also broadcast by Russian state television. His performance caused a huge stir and even drew criticism. The concert took place on November 4 in St. Petersburg, and during the show the singer also sang his patriotic song Jsem Rus.

“I am Russian, in spite of the whole world,” he chanted his lyrics and walked over to a black briefcase with a red button. As reported by the British newspaper Metro, it was supposed to be a replica of Putin’s “nuclear briefcase”, which is carried by his aides during public appearances. They also had it with them during their visit to China.

Shaman, unlike Putin, actually pressed the dreaded red button. The explosion of the nuclear bomb in the background symbolized fireworks.

Despite the onlookers cheering after the fireworks went off, the singer’s performance was also met with criticism. “Does anyone really think this is cool or funny?” wrote one of the viewers on the Internet. “What was going through the minds of the people who approved such a performance? Is nuclear war funny now?’ writes another. “Epic, of course, but it’s too much in my opinion,” adds another.

Families of Russian soldiers demonstrated in Moscow. The police dispersed them

At the same time, the above-mentioned newspaper recalls that the appearance of Putin’s favorite came at a time when Putin is expected to announce his candidacy in the March presidential elections. “The campaign has not yet been officially announced,” responded Putin’s spokesman Peskov.


A 16 kilometer long convoy of trucks formed in eastern Slovakia in front of the Vyšná Nemecká/Uzhhorod border crossing with Ukraine. The reason is the transfer of truck traffic through Slovakia due to restrictions on driving from Poland to Ukraine. Police spokeswoman Lenka Ivanová informed ČTK about this today. Polish truckers on Monday began a blockade of three main border crossings with Ukraine due to allegedly unfair Ukrainian competition.


Czech Republic and Taiwann will cooperate on humanitarian aid projects for war-affected areas of Ukraine. Tomáš Kopečný, government representative for the reconstruction of Ukraine, told ČTK. It is not an agreement between governments, but a non-legally binding memorandum of understanding, he added.

The memorandum will make it possible to implement projects, for example, in the field of water treatment or energy. “Implementation will take place directly with the municipalities in Ukraine that have identified their needs, and based on this, the Czech and Taiwanese parties will supply them with the necessary equipment in cooperation,” commented Kopecny. According to him, the cooperation will expand humanitarian supplies from Czech companies.


On Thursday, Rokycany police charged two men with spreading rumors that Ukrainians in Rokycany were kidnapping Roma children and calling for violence against these foreigners. He accuses them of inciting hatred against a group of people or restricting their rights and freedoms, and one of the men is also accused of spreading an alarmist message. Police spokeswoman Dagmar Brožová said this to ČTK today.

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Singer Jaroslav Dronov, a favorite of President Vladimir Putin, simulated the explosion of a nuclear bomb at a concert.

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