Bohdan (17) was dragged away by the Russians, then they wanted to send him to the front. An orphan from Mariupol will return to Ukraine


“I officially confirm that we have an agreement on Bohdan’s return to Ukraine and his reunion with his sister,” wrote Lubinec on the Telegram platform. Lvovova-Belovova wrote on the same network that the Russian and Ukrainian sides agreed that Yermokhin would meet her relative “in a third country on his birthday.” According to the Ukrainska pravda server, this is November 19.

A day earlier, Jermochin’s Ukrainian legal representative, Kateryna Bobrovská, published a video on Facebook in which a young man asks Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to help him return to his homeland. This happened shortly after the media reported on his summons to the military conscription office near Moscow, where he must report after reaching the age of majority, the BBC noted on its Russian-language website.

At the same time, Lvovová-Bělovová claims that it was only a call to clarify the data for military registration, which all Russian citizens of his age receive and, if they are studying, they are granted a deferral of military service until the end of their studies. However, Bobrovská pointed out that Jermokhin is likely to serve in the Russian army. He received a Russian passport and can therefore be considered a person subject to military service, the BBC pointed out.

Bohdan Yermochin he lost both parents years ago, according to the Meduza server. He lived in Mariupol until February 24 last year, when Russian invasion troops invaded Ukraine. First in a foster family, after joining the metallurgical school, the director of the educational institution became his legal representative, which is a common practice for older orphans, writes the BBC. However, the newspaper Novaya Gazeta states thate his legal guardian is his sister Valerije, who lives in Ukraine. Lvovová-Bělovová mentioned her cousin in her report.

A 16 kilometer long convoy of trucks formed in eastern Slovakia in front of the Vyšná Nemecká/Uzhhorod border crossing with Ukraine. The reason is the transfer of truck traffic through Slovakia due to restrictions on driving from Poland to Ukraine. Police spokeswoman Lenka Ivanová informed ČTK about this today. Polish truckers on Monday began a blockade of three main border crossings with Ukraine due to allegedly unfair Ukrainian competition.


Czech Republic and Taiwann will cooperate on humanitarian aid projects for war-affected areas of Ukraine. Tomáš Kopečný, government representative for the reconstruction of Ukraine, told ČTK. It is not an agreement between governments, but a non-legally binding memorandum of understanding, he added.

The memorandum will make it possible to implement projects, for example, in the field of water treatment or energy. “Implementation will take place directly with the municipalities in Ukraine that have identified their needs, and based on this, the Czech and Taiwanese parties will supply them with the necessary equipment in cooperation,” commented Kopecny. According to him, the cooperation will expand humanitarian supplies from Czech companies.


On Thursday, Rokycany police charged two men with spreading rumors that Ukrainians in Rokycany were kidnapping Roma children and calling for violence against these foreigners. He accuses them of inciting hatred against a group of people or restricting their rights and freedoms, and one of the men is also accused of spreading an alarmist message. Police spokeswoman Dagmar Brožová said this to ČTK today.

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After the Russians occupied Mariupol last year, they placed the young man in a foster family in Russia. In March of this year, Yermokhin tried to escape from Russia back to Ukraine, but was stopped by security forces near the border, writes Medusa. According to Bobrovská, he tried to return to Ukraine several times. Lvovová-Bělovová claims that the boys had previously offered the opportunity to return to Ukraine, but he refused, which he also confirmed in writing. According to his lawyer, he was forced to write a statement that he wants to stay in Russia until he reaches the age of majority.

Kyiv blames Russia that kidnaps Ukrainian children with the intention of erasing their Ukrainian identity. Moscow says its program to resettle children from Ukraine to Russian territory is to protect orphans and abandoned children in the conflict zone. According to the United States, thousands of children have been forcibly taken from their homes, Reuters previously reported. In March of this year, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for Lvovova-Belovova and also for Russian President Vladimir Putin on suspicion of illegally transporting Ukrainian children to Russia.

Woman facing arrest warrant with Putin: She has 5 children and 18

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