A new thriller by the director of Gone is out on Netflix. The Assassin follows the daily routine of an assassin

A new thriller by the director of Gone is out on Netflix. The Assassin follows the daily routine of an assassin
A new thriller by the director of Gone is out on Netflix. The Assassin follows the daily routine of an assassin

One of the most interesting films of the end of the year was released – Killer. This and much more comes with the new edition of the Watch newsletter, where we summarize the most important events in the film and television world, highlight interesting trailers and recommend what to watch. You can subscribe to it in the box below.

One of the main events of this year’s film autumn is currently underway on Netflix – the global release of David Fincher’s new crime thriller, director Seven, Zodiac or Disappeared. The master of the given genre returns to it, at least in the format of a feature film, after almost ten years, but during that time he has lost none of his provocativeness, ferocity or sense of detail. By the way, about the details Killer to a large extent it is.

It follows the daily life of a hitman whose obsession with the exact execution of a plan and following well-thought-out routines borders on obsessive-compulsive disorder. But it quickly turns out that there is a good reason for it – just one small mistake is enough and the life of the nameless “hero” begins to crumble under his hands. He turns against his employers and embarks on an international manhunt where he literally walks over corpses.

Already the first reactions of the critics spoke of a film with a straightforward plot, which, however, manages to blow away with its processing and the main acting performance of Michael Fassbender. His cold killer, into whose increasingly less stable mind we glimpse through details of facial expressions or various gestures and movements, can unsettle the audience. And the same goes for the volatile soundtrack by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails, and the aforementioned precise direction. Killer is available on Netflix starting today.

What the trailers show

Rulers of Heaven

Rulers of Heaven is an indirect continuation of the legendary Brotherhood of the Undaunted and the pacific, following the lives and missions of the US Bomber Air Force towards the end of World War II. Produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. More info.

What moves the world of film and television

The Hollywood actors’ strike is over

After nearly four months, the SAG-AFTRA acting union strike ended on Thursday. The studios finally gave in to them and complied with all the demands, which concerned, for example, an increase in minimum rewards, bonuses from streaming services or regulation of the use of artificial intelligence in production. So, for the first time since May, Hollywood can finally get back into full swing and continue with projects like the eighth Mission: Impossible or the fifth row Stranger Things. More info.

What to let go

I’m sick of myself

HBO Max | Comedy | 2022 | 95 min. | ČSFD

Reprophoto: Film Europe Media Company/YouTube

Film I’m sick of myself

I’m sick of myself is a Norwegian black comedy about today’s obsession with social networks, internet celebrities and fame, which gives free rein to extreme forms of narcissism. And yes, the film by screenwriter and director Kristoffer Borgli approaches the topic quite literally and without circumlocution. It follows a young couple, both members of which are very competitive. Therefore, when he makes a name for himself as an artist, she decides to gain attention by deliberately making herself ill in order to arouse sympathy. But that’s just the beginning.

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