Head-on collision of vehicles in the opposite direction in the Opava region. The accident resulted in three injuries


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The collision between Opel and Mercedes vehicles occurred on the morning of Friday, November 10 in the Opava region.

Traffic accident, Kozmice, Opava Region, intervention of firefighters, November 10, 2023.
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Traffic accident, Kozmice, Opava Region, intervention of firefighters, November 10, 2023.

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The accident happened before eight o’clock in the morning in Kozmice in the Opava region. “According to preliminary information, it appears that the driver (year 1944) was driving around a bend on Hlavní street with an Opel vehicle, when for reasons not yet determined, he drove into the opposite direction, where a Mercedes vehicle was just passing by, when their collision occurred. The driver was traveling in this car ( year 1989) and a minor child,” said Moravian-Silesian police spokeswoman Eva Michalíková.

Road accident II. class number 461 in 6.5 km in the village of Kylešovice, November 9, 2023.

PHOTO: Accident in Opava region. The cars collided while overtaking the tractor

As a result of the head-on collision, the Opel car was thrown, leaving the other vehicle on the road. Both drivers were breathalyzed with negative results.

“Three people were injured and were handed over to paramedics. The road was closed for the necessary time, later traffic was only partially and fully restored at 10:25 a.m. The circumstances and causes of the accident are the subject of further investigation by the traffic police from Opava.” continues the police spokesperson.

Repairs to road I/56 in the Opava region in the Velké Hoštice - Kravaře section will begin on Monday, November 13, 2023.

Drivers, watch out for restrictions. Road repair will begin in the Opava region and will last two months

All components of the integrated rescue system responded to the scene. Both professional and volunteer firefighters from Hlučín were sent to the scene. “After arriving at the accident, the firefighters secured both crashed vehicles, disconnected the batteries and covered spilled operating fluids with a sorbent. After investigating the accident, the firefighters removed the broken lamp from the road and assisted the towing service in loading the wrecked vehicles using high-pressure bags,” said Moravian-Silesian fire department spokesman Lukáš Pop.

The road was impassable for the entire duration of the intervention and investigation, after the investigation of the accident and the removal of the wreckage of the vehicles and the street lamp, the road was reopened.

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