Syracuse Orange football: predictions and poll vs Pitt

Syracuse Orange football: predictions and poll vs Pitt
Syracuse Orange football: predictions and poll vs Pitt

The Syracuse Orange (4-5, 0-5) and Pittsburgh Panthers (2-7, 1-4) will face each other in Yankee Stadium tomorrow at 3:30. These teams have played some crazy games when no one expected so are we in for more CHAOS tomorrow? Here’s what we think:

Kevin: Pitt 16, Syracuse 13

Honestly, I give up trying to predict this Orange team. Something tells me we’ll be seeing a new QB starting for Syracuse tomorrow on a questionable playing surface against a still decent Pitt defense. Doesn’t sound like a good recipe for breaking a five-game losing streak… but I do think the Orange defense will show up again and keep this one close enough for Dino Babers to attempt a 55-yard field goal in the final minutes. He’ll feel good about the call all the way even though the miss seals his and this team’s fate.

Max: Pitt 20, Syracuse 14

The first time I’ve picked against the Orange this season, something that’s long overdue at this point. Whether it’s LeQuint Allen running the wildcat or Dan Villari making an appearance at quarterback, there’s just way too many questions to back SU here. Pitt isn’t anything special, either, as its opening day starting quarterback was subsequently benched and now plays special teams. But, if the Panthers’ defense forced three turnovers against then-No. 14 Louisville, I can only imagine it’ll feast on whoever the Orange put behind center.

Mike: Pitt 16, Syracuse 10

As hysterical as another 3-0 barnburner like the original matchup sounds, there has to be something these offenses can do to move the ball better than that. That’s even under the assumption that SU will trot out a limping CDRW instead of going to Braden Davis or Luke MacPhail from the start. Despite another great effort by Allen, that stubborn decision puts the Orange behind early, and Pat Narduzzi’s devil magic returns to hammer home how far gone the culture that once energized this team is.

House: Pitt 17, Syracuse 7

We know based off last year’s game, there won’t be much scoring and it will likely be barely watchable from an entertainment standpoint in a best-case scenario. Neither Syracuse’s recent history against Pitt nor the Orange’s downward descent give me little confidence that Babers and company can eek out a win. This could play out similar to the BC game – lots of ups and downs, little scoring, no victory.

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Now it’s your turn


Who wins the game between Syracuse and Pitt?

  • 21%
    Syracuse wins and bowl hopes live on

    (25 votes)

  • 78%
    Pitt wins and agents start hitting up John Wildhack’s phone

    (89 votes)

114 votes total

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