Accident at the e-Salon in Prague: a young man stepped on the pedal and wrecked a car worth 1.7 million!


An unusual accident happened today at the e-Salon clean mobility fair in Prague. One of the visitors stepped on the pedal in the electric car and it started surprisingly.

An unusual car accident happened today at the fifth annual e-Salon clean mobility trade fair, which takes place in the PVA Expo Prague area. Usually the cars on display are disabled and never have the keys in the ignition at car shows. However, exhibitors will have to learn to work with the new segment of electric cars.

You don’t need to start the engine with the key in the ignition, you just need to activate them remotely and you drive…

Something like that happened today at the e-Salon fair in Prague. The 16-year-old schoolboy was looking at the Nio ET5 Touring car while sitting inside, as is customary at such exhibitions. Visitors test how comfortable the car is, try different buttons, controls and often even imagine how they drive the car and step on the gas. Of course, nothing happens because they don’t have the keys.

But with the remote-controlled electric car, it was enough that the key was near the car and the young man managed to activate it by mistake, and when he stepped on the gas, it started to drive. An electric car usually has an instant tap and so the car immediately shot forward.

The automatic collision braking did work, but on the slippery surface in the hall, the car still knocked down the decoration and crashed into another piece on display.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident, but the damage will not be small, according to the price list, the car costs around 1.7 million crowns. In addition, during the day at the new car exhibition, visitors were surprised to see a car with a dented hood on display. Little did they know that there had been an accident on the spot a few hours before.

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