He smiles nicely. But he has no mercy. Xaver and Holec revealed who is really in charge at the Castle



Is the comparison between Petr Fiala and Miloš Jakeš exaggerated?

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“I’m going to Germany tomorrow for a check purchase. Do you want to bring something?” began moderator Luboš Xaver Veselý, alluding to Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s (ODS) purchase in Germany. “No, no, I already wrote the Prime Minister a list. Nutella, ketchup, bread. Such a control purchase in the basket,” replied Petr Holec.

“Can you imagine that Václav Klaus would have done this when he was Prime Minister?” asked Veselý Holce afterwards. “You don’t like that Nutella?” replied Holec.

Both men then started criticizing the government, when, among other things, they took the Minister for the legislation of Michal Šalomoun (Pirates) or Zbyňek Stanjuru (ODS) as administrator of the state treasury. “He’s an electrician,” remarked Holec. “Do you think he would come over the weekend to fix something in my bathroom?” Veselý asked. The boy commented that Fiala will deliver the food and Stanjura should invite Veselý for the drawer.

“And Bartoš is good about divorces. That’s a bitch. The itinerant musician was before the elections!” added Holec to the Minister for Regional Development Ivan Bartoš (Pirates).

“We live in a turning point, the ice has moved. Even Jindra Šídlo, the standard of journalism, is crying too. Over his own government, which he helped bring to power,” continued Holec. According to him, according to surveys, three percent of people trust the government, a fifth of people have reservations and the rest not at all. “Fiala’s not up to it,” remarked Holec.

Válek wants to make the young doctors out. We will not give up, says their spokesman, read the headline of the iDnes.cz server Veselý. “War is a fighter. Only Babiš dismissed incompetent ministers. Fiala is not like that, he insured it in advance. But War is the head. His top now has an electoral assembly and he might become the first vice-president, as good as he is. That’s how it goes in a top. The president will be Markéta Pekarová Adamová, the most hated politician. She will lead it and have Válk as the first vice-president,” said Holec.

However, Veselý quite likes Pekarová Adamová, according to her words. “I’m thinking of baking her vanilla rolls,” said Veselý. “Not to offend her, she’s not that traditional,” replied Holec.

“And don’t even imagine that this person should manage the health care or the country during covid,” Holec also pointed out to Válek. And he added that he would like Helena Langšádlová to succeed in the TOP 09 electoral assembly tomorrow.

The two men also addressed the CNN Prima News server and Chancellor Janá Vohralíková, who refused bossing at the Castle. “Thanks to me, people breathed again. Women can scream more,” according to Veselý, Vohralíková was supposed to say. “I like. People breathed in there, thanks to her, when they got a parachute and went out of the Castle. She’s good,” laughed Holec.

“That’s still water, woman, it has no mercy. But he smiles nicely,” Holec continued to describe. “Xaver, you would come there and you would immediately get fired and you would breathe,” he added.

Time is running out for Russia, it doesn’t look like the Ukrainians will prevail. Pavel talks about negotiations, Xaver Veselý read the headline of the Novinek.cz server. “That’s perhaps the only one where I have to praise him. He’s been saying that for a long time. Like a soldier. That’s probably the only thing he understands,” said Holec. “Americans say it too, other people say it too,” he continued on the subject of Ukraine and the words of President Pavel Holec.

One of the topics the men discussed was the fact that Bartoš did not accept Michálk’s resignation as head of deputies. “It’s clear what’s going on with the Pirates. They split into the Pirates, the real member base – and the minority, i.e. the government and parliamentary oligarchs, which are Bartoš and Michálek. And the base decided that Michálek should end up in leadership. And they want to stay in government at all costs. So this is already the umpteenth decision of pirate members that Bartoš is trying to reverse,” Holec pointed out.

And will Michálek and Bartoš move to STAN? “I’d rather see them go to Babiš, huh?” Holec announced in conclusion.

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author: Vanda Efnerová

The article is in Czech

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