YOU DRUZ: A strong and accomplished woman, not thin, but obt

YOU DRUZ: A strong and accomplished woman, not thin, but obt
YOU DRUZ: A strong and accomplished woman, not thin, but obt

I’m not on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and almost none of them, so what TV doesn’t teach me, or what my children don’t tell me, I don’t know. It wasn’t until November 6 that I received a telegram from them from the kibbutzes around Gaza. On January 7th, terrorists from Gaza broke into the kibbutz and made themselves proud. The data was taken from home cameras and the phone of the victims and their relatives. Even after 36 years of living in the tight neighborhood of the Arabs, these animals still chained me. Their freshness and authenticity can be seen in what I heard about from the time of the Holocaust and the actions of ISIS in Ireland or Pai. Zbry shows the sadistic acts of Arabs and their Jewish neighbors.

Somehow a civilian from Gaza swings and cuts the victim’s neck with a hoe, tries to separate the head from the body, joyful Arab screams are heard in the background. A naked hunter with severed fingers and tongue stuck out, his whole body covered with wounds, said another Arab with a long stick. In another video, the Arabs hold a dead man on the ground, slowly remove the ki from his whip and open his chest with a long knife, try to lift his head, the Arabs slap him and pull out the insides from his chest, Mr. Elsewhere, armed Hamsu fighters in uniforms they kick the mutilated bodies of dead Israeli soldiers to the sound of Arab battles, music and daily dance. On the fence from the street in Gaza, you can see the mutilated, half-naked corpse of an Israeli soldier, and a crowd of about ten people stomping on his body, and ki allah akbar, the helpless civilian ran to get stomped too. Another video documents the coal-burning of several people. Elsewhere, Arabs film a group of bloodied and half-dismembered kibbutz women, writhing and writhing in pain. There are naked and bloodied women, and even dead ones. A bloody infant in a cot. We see slabs of charred figures like from Pompeii, lying on the floor in the kitchen or in the children’s rooms, even sitting in the trunks of cars. Shortly after the pogrom, the woman returns with a military escort to the ruined house to look for her daughter Odaja; on the ground there is a naked figure with spread legs and a shaved head, a woman shouting Odajo, Odajo, it’s not you, and the escort is trying to take the woman away.

Despite the images of suffering illegal migrants, during Angela Merkel’s time, Europe was forced to open its heart and doors to millions of Muslims. Despite the images of the victims, many politicians and women did not allow themselves to be avenged. For all of them, it is possible to quote the Czech newspaper Adam Hjek, according to whom Israel has lost the sympathy of the world for the first time, and even the slaughter of murdered children did not help Israel, and not even photos of sleeping bodies in kibbutzim will save it (here). The newspaper has analyzes from all the sources that explain that Israel is responsible for everything. For example, the analyst Irena Kalhousov said on January 7 that the Israeli army does not have enough forces to protect the kibbutzim, as there are no Black Orthodox Jews in the West Bank; Kalhousov says today that Hams have won (here). The media prefers to quote Hams or left-wing intellectuals who agree that Israel committed genocide and that Hams was to blame; Israel uses the flow of Hamsa to pressure the Palestinians and even uses the Jews as human capital. The Ministry of Health Hamsu is popular; it, for example, claimed in one instance that the number of Palestinian casualties by Israeli forces was 9,488, of which 3,900 were children, and the Israeli army attributed it to nurses (here).

Israel warns against bombing (here), so there should be no civilians among the victims, and no children at all. It was said that the commander of the Hamsu and the first weapons are under the hospitals and the ambulances are between the fighting vehicles of the Hamsu. The Secretary General of the UN, the socialist António Guterres, judges that Gaza will be destroyed by children (here). Almost the whole world pressured Israel to stop its defensive fight against Hamas, including NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (here). It is generally accepted that the defense of Israel should be proportionate and any support to Israel should be appropriate. For example, the deputy chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the Czech parliament, Jaroslav Boch, said that support for Israel is correct, but it can be done unchallenged (here); God follows the rules: let’s support the government, but no one has to know it.

In addition to politicians and coppers, all humanitarian organizations of the world are mobilizing against Israel. Everyone cares about the suffering of Hamsa and his oxen, but no one cares about the 239 Israeli civilians in the Hamsa tunnels, including children of all ages. What for example dl erven k (K)? How did the Jewish children fail to capture her? In June 1944, the descendents visited K Terezn. My mother, who was in Terezín when she was 15 years old, told me how the school was before the K peliv school. The Nazis saw how the commander of the camp, the SS Karl Rahm, gave the Jewish children a turban, and they screamed, “Straka Rahm, we don’t have it.” The concentration camp made the best impression on female humanitarian workers, and in autumn 1944 K was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the great work it has performed during the war on behalf of humanity (here). red to the point that he won the Nobel Prize for helping the children in Gaza, who usually draw blood on the ground, and the artificial intelligence sometimes mistakenly shows them as a finger (here).

The organization Lkai without Borders (MSF) is also very active. For example, the Czech doctor Vanesa Lovtnsk from MSF went to Gaza as a volunteer right after the Israeli invasion. She was not hired on the mission, probably because she is an expert on breast research (here). So she is not physically in Gaza, but she nevertheless gave a detailed testimony about Israeli brutality, of course only according to her ideas in an interview for Blesk (here). In the interview, Lovtn’s fight for the press was taken up, of which, according to him, many were created under the rubble. Due to fuel errors, and therefore the baby incubators cannot work. Lovtnsk claims that lkai amputates the arms and legs of small children without anesthesia, and the child must be careful about it; according to Doctor Without Borders, Mengele was the last to work without the dead. People traveling from northern Gaza to other countries are also at risk. In the interview, an Arab woman is quoted who, after the Israeli influx, saw completely disembowelled people and people without heads at the hospital. Dr. Lovtnsk revealed in the interview that children are the worst victims, and she would not even explain the connection with Gaza (here).

The normal coverage of the newspaper is that Israel has warned civilians, so half of the dead are the terrorist Hamsa, today in the sweat about 12,000. From the beginning, it is clear that Hamas has enough fuel for now, all the kilometers of underground passages, including ventilation, are still working. Until recently, Israel supplied Gaza not only with energy and water, but also with food and oil in excess. There are so many drugs, including prescriptions, in hospitals. Besides, there is no reason to tie children’s hands and feet, and why would parents have to do it? In addition, they can flee with their daily patients from the hospitals in the north to the Egyptian border, where their Arab brothers will surely provide them with unlimited help. The last remnants of those fleeing from north to south are indeed in danger; on tuesday i saw on israeli tv the bodies of many dead civilians on the main route from north to south. Hams killed them as a warning and let him fly to cover the people and force them to become armed as well. In the center, Hamas civilians could not kill her, or Israeli tanks appeared on the main route, which covered the fleeing Arab civilians before Hamas.

Who are those people who blame ob and pity tonka? Of course, they include five politicians, diplomats, journalists, humanitarian intellectuals and humanitarian workers. But there are plenty of them among other people as well. probably recruit yourself from the left’s environment. You guys have the problem of choosing the right side in the pair of the hero in the fight against terror versus the comfortable man, the same as in the pair of normal girl versus girl without borders. These guys don’t seem to distinguish between normality and sadism and don’t seem to understand the difference between Israel and the Arabs.

Human beings are influenced by the evil of intelligence, the distortion of personality by left-wing upbringing, and also personal courage, the tendency to go with the flow, and finally, the evil of morality, the desire to enjoy as much as possible in this world. But you don’t have to be a big thinker to make a hunter understand that a good woman caring for patients in her country stands above an adventurer who practices in the forest on natives, or to understand that a normal hunter is more beneficial to society than a sadist, and to understand that The Israelis are in the first place while the Arabs. Moral people, people striving for truth, grasp it; the others either don’t like it or they don’t like it that much, but ask and let them know. The others are relative and for the Arabs they are terrorists; Don’t comment on whether they were terrorists or Nazis.

The boy said that someone needs to have the voice of Jesus Christ recorded on a gramophone. This is a song of what Israel has done for the world: even its most obvious claims are proved by irrefutable facts. The world condemned Israel for the attack on the hospital in Gaza, and Israel recorded an interview with Arab, in which he acknowledged his responsibility. Hamas reported that Israel killed many newspapers and the world repeated it as fact. On Thursday, Israel proved with film material that the newspaper had succumbed to the layers of Hamsu on January 7th, and at the same time declared the newspaper as an accomplice. It turns out that these newspapers were paid by the world’s largest media, including CNN, Reuters and AP. This media announced on Thursday that it did not expose its employees to criminal activities. Not even a voice on a gramophone and not even a single document can convince these people that there is a difference between the victim and the aggressor, between sanity and audacity, between the truth and the lie. And whatever Israel has done, those people will never change even in their actions, thought and spoken . But as Ben Gurion said: It doesn’t matter what others say, what matters is what we do.

Even Shakespeare, in his anti-Jewish play from the 16th century, The Merchant of Bentsk, recognized that the Jews should be respected as a people. However, in the day of organization in the 21st century, where human beings are first, people are not considered people a priori. I’m in trouble, I’ll never go. But this text is not so much trying to inspire pity as it is to warn. Even during Hitler’s time, they drank a lot. Obts can happen to everyone.

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